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Thread: Episode 190, "Interstella 3D2Y"

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    Default Episode 190, "Interstella 3D2Y"

    DOWNLOAD AT: http://onepiecepodcast.com/blog/2011...erstella-3d2y/

    On this episode of The One Piece Podcast we have everyone here to bring you everything you’ve asked for, and more! We begin with some Greg no Gougai from Greg including some “interesting” merchandise. We then head into our look at Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha with Greg, Jammer, and The Dude. We then have our Manga Recap for Chapter 643, “Phantom” with The Dude, Steve, and Jason. Then –the moment you’ve been waiting for– the WINNERS of our Back to the Future fanart contest! Prizes will be delivered to the winners on Thanksgiving (sorry for the delay)! Of course we have our Anime Recap of Episode 520 from One Piece Official, and as an added bonus we have even more music with The Dude and Zach’s Dance Carnival going over the Movie 8 Soundtrack! We of course round things off with some supersized Piece Together, and a giant chunk of bloopers…way too many bloopers. With that, sit down and get ready for a whole lot of podcast…

    0:00:00 Introduction and Greg no Gougai
    0:13:39 Piece by Piece: Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha
    0:40:41 Commercials
    0:43:06 Manga Recap
    1:10:51 Back to the Future Contest: WINNERS!
    1:27:31 Anime Recap
    1:48:35 The Dude and Zach’s Dance Carnival
    2:03:32 Piece Together
    2:25:45 To Be Continued
    2:28:52 Take Two (Bloopers)

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    We’ll see you on Friday with Episode 191! We are MAJI!
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    Default Re: Episode 190, "Interstella 3D2Y"

    This was a hilarious episode. I was listening to it off my Wii console and everyone sounded like the Chipmunks.

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    Default Re: Episode 190, "Interstella 3D2Y"

    Did you guys post the winning pics for the Back to the Future contest? I'd like to see them if you did, especially the main winner!
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