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Thread: Franky vs Aokiji

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    Default Re: Franky vs Aokiji

    @zachri: Vote for Aokiji to make the match a tad more interesting.~ When in doubt, vote for the trailer.

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    Default Re: Franky vs Aokiji

    Quote Originally Posted by silversatyr View Post
    Go on, vote the one who hit on Nami and got away scot free. He didn't even pay a fine~ :P

    Kuzan's got game!
    thankyoubbynowIdecidedtovoteAokiji~ <3

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    Default Re: Franky vs Aokiji

    Aokiji: *Yawn* I'm taking a nap, but here's a nice blizzard before I say goodbye. You should really go wear some pants...
    Franky: You call that a blizzard? I'M FEELING NOTHING AT ALL!

    Franky to the next round! HA-CHOO!

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