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Thread: A song for you guys (My friends band)

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    Default A song for you guys (My friends band)

    I know this won't be to everyone tastes but i'm pretty damn proud of what these guys have managed to achieve so far, so I figured i'd share my love of them with anyone and everyone :)


    Let me know what you think! :)

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    Default Re: A song for you guys (My friends band)

    I clicked on your link thinking it was not going to be good however it was very good so i am glad i took the risk so it's worth listening to if you have not yet.

    here i posted it for you all so you don't have to go to the link now.


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    Default Re: A song for you guys (My friends band)

    I like it...But holy crap the guy singing looks exactly like my step-brother. O_O

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    Default Re: A song for you guys (My friends band)

    Reminds me of Pantera and Godsmack

    Pretty good shit.

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    Default Re: A song for you guys (My friends band)

    As somebody who works in the music industry, I will say that this is very good, and it is definitely something I could hear being played on the radio, probably in a college loud rock show. Tell them that, eh? :-)

    I am gonna move this thread to the creativity forum, though, okay?
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