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Thread: Awards Ceremony

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    Default Awards Ceremony

    After careful tabulation of the over seventy votes received this year, the folllowing candidates came out on top. There was some pretty fierce competition this year with about forty categories being settled by the last dozen votes and three settled by the last vote cast.

    So let's get to it.

    The winner for 2010's Worst Thread at Arlong Park is...

    Last Two Nakamates! Those involved should take a bow and then be deeply, deeply ashamed of yourselves.

    It's counterpart, the Best Thread of 2010 was...

    National Coronation Day 1 or 2 Thread! Again, take a bow, but no shame involved.

    Every so often somebody says something stupid. Everybody does it. Every so often, the result is the Angry Hand of Vengeance slamming down upon them. In a runaway vote, the The Best Chew-out of 2010 was...

    Mama Whitebeard vs. mugiwara!

    We now turn our attention to less rancorous discussion by awarding the Best Debate of 2010 to...

    Next Nakamates - World War Perona!

    The Funniest Post of 2010 was...

    How the Bedfart Stole Taboo!

    Some laughed, some cried, and others... well, others went completely overboard, but a majority of members agreed that the Best Moment on the Board was...

    Look, we all know Oda is never going to kill anybody for real and waitdidAcejustdieHOLYSH

    The Most Memorable Off-Topic Moment began in the 2009 version of this very event and continued on for several months. It was...


    Those were the thread based Awards. Now it is time for the Tournament related awards.

    First off, a Best Match that was notable not only for the conflict between the characters but between their boosters. By popular decree, it is...

    Beckman vs Moria: When Fans Collide!

    Best Campaign was not only a marvellous campaign in its own right, but clearly benefitted from its maker's shameless whoring of their creation during the Discussion thread. The winner is...


    One hundred and fifty-nine matches condensed into a single moment. The Best Moment of the 2010 Arlong Park Character Tournament was...

    Champion Match - Bon Kurei vs Whitebeard!

    To give people time to think and relax, we used quite a few filler matches this year. The Best Filler Match as chosen by you was...

    Just DIE Already! I'll take a bow for that one myself as it was my idea. Most of the good ones were. The terrible, terrible ideas were always Robby's. This is true of all things in general.

    The Tournament Awards are finished. Now we move onto the meat of the Awards, the Member Awards. You're all probably getting tired of the various intros so we'll speed things up barring an odd comment here and there.

    The first, Most Memorable. And the winner is...


    The Most Quotable Member is:

    Cyan D. Funk!

    The Most Articulate Member is:


    The Most Dedicated Member is:

    Aohige AP!

    The Most Original Member is:


    The Most One Piece Knowledgeable Member is:


    The winner of the Local-Chan Memorial Award for Most Perverted is:


    The winner of the Most Profound Member and the closest category overall (prior to the last vote, it was a three way tie with a fourth one vote behind) is:


    We had a great crowd to choose from and the category was extremely competitive, but the Best New Member as chosen by Arlong Park is:

    Cyan D. Funk

    The Favorite Mod/Admin as chosen by the voting public is...

    The Best Debater as chosen by the voters is:

    I survived the buster call!

    The Best Researcher, likewise, is...


    The Most Indecisive Member is...

    Aegir! At a guess, the whole changing the name thing had a lot to do with that.

    The Funniest Member is:

    Cyan D. Funk!

    The Friendliest Member is:

    I survived the buster call!

    The Smartest Member is:

    Holy Hell, it's Holy Hell!

    After one of those closest contests of the entire Awards ceremony, The Craziest Member is:


    The Biggest Pimp of 2010 is:


    The Best Artist of 2010 is:


    The Best Writer of Arlong Park in 2010 is:


    Your 2010 Pirate King of Arlong Park is:


    Your 2010 Pirate Queen of Arlong Park is:


    And, finally, Greatest Person Ever. There were several contenders this year with several people winning multiple categories, but, by virtue of winning no less than three categories in their first year, the Greatest Person Ever as chosen by the voters of the 2010 Arlong Park Awards Ceremony is...


    And with that, we conclude the Members section of the Awards. Now we turn our attention to the Arts and Leisure Section of the Awards.

    The Best Fanart of 2010 was:

    Akainu gives Ace the fist of justice by CCC!

    The Best AMV of 2010 was:

    Don't stop....Dattebayo! by Robert Remington Bevard III!

    In another extremely close race, we saw the

    Best Cosplayer - Female Division go to:


    The winner of Best Cosplayer Male Division was:

    ABS Mr. Prince!

    The 2010 Award for Best Avatar goes to:


    The 2010 Award for Best Signature goes to:


    Now the Manga related awards!

    The Best Chapter of One Piece was about a guy that the fanbase loved so much that he won the 2010 APCT, it was:

    Chapter 576 - The Great Pirate Edward Newgate!

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, we find the Worst Chapter of One Piece, which is still better than just about any Naruto or Bleach chapter that came out last year. I think we can all agree on that one. The dubious honor goes to:

    583 - The Grey Terminal!

    Continuing a trend seen in the Tournament Awards and the Best Chapter, we see the Best Episode of One Piece as being one about Pops. It was:

    481 - ''Ace Freed! Whitebeard's Final Captain's Order!''

    The Worst Episode of One Piece, on the other hand, centered around filler and everybody's favorite whipping Poochie, it was:

    457 - "Flashback Special Before Marineford - The Brothers' Oath!"

    In a year filled with so, so many, the Worst Moment of Naruto in 2010 as chosen by you the voter was:

    Naruto (our hero) studies Armadillo Penis... and studies it once more.

    In retrospect, 2010 was pretty much the year that Kubo Tite quit trying. I mean, the dude wasn't killing himself or anything previously, but... anyway, short story shorter, 2010: tremendously terrible. The Worst Moment out of a year of them was:

    Aizen planned Ichigo's life all along. Which btw resulted in nothing.

    The next Award quickly turned into a two horse race, but the winner eked it out. The Best Movie of 2010 was:

    Toy Story 3!

    It's hard to imagine a film that pissed off its would-be fanbase more than the winner of the Worst Movie of 2010 did. The loser is:

    The Last Airbender, Seriously, how does M. Night Shymalan keep getting work?

    At first, it seemed that Best Television Show would be won in a rout, but then something happened that turned the tide. The winner of the Best Television Show for 2010 is:


    Worst Television Show was a fairly competitive category as well, but hatred carried the day as the winner of the 2010 Award for Worst Television Show is:

    Glee! Or, if musical terms, Mi-mi-mi-mi... This show suckkkkkkksssss!

    On the Video game of the Year Awards!

    First, the winner for Best Console Game of 2010 was a bit of a surprise for me as it made a strong charge to come from behind and break a five way tie; the winner is:

    Red Dead Redemption!

    The next two categories were a lot less interesting.

    The Winner of the Best PC Game of 2010 is:

    Robot Unicorn Attack!

    The Winner of the Best Handheld Game of 2010 was:

    Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver!

    The Worst Video Game of 2010:

    Final Fantasy 13!

    The Funniest Image or Series of Images as determined by you the voter was:

    600 billion tags response!

    And finally, the bonus Award of the Year for Best non-Pixar Animated Film goes to:

    How to Train Your Dragon!

    Talk amongst yourselves for a while; I'm all verklempt at not winning anything this year either!

    My thanks to everybody involved, voters or staff, my congratulations to everyone who won, and my eternal enmity to those who double and triple spaced between votes on your ballots! We'll see you in less than four months for the 2011 Character Tournament!
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    Default Re: Awards Ceremony

    Congrats everyone! <3

    Haha, I feel like adding crowns the Insider and Kitsu's avvies. xD

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    Default Re: Awards Ceremony

    Damn, didn't win anything. Oh well.

    Congrats to all the winners .

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    Default Re: Awards Ceremony

    Yay, Toy Story 3 and How to Train Your Dragon won~ I'm happy. <3
    Last edited by Sai-chan; January 18th, 2011 at 09:55 PM. Reason: Two of my favorite movies ever. <3

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    Default Re: Awards Ceremony

    Congratulations winners, it was a fine event!

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    Default Re: Awards Ceremony

    Miriasider, we did it~ Look at all these awards we swindled~


    You mean... there are no awards?~

    Nothing to even put in our signatures?~

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    Default Re: Awards Ceremony

    *stops before reading the winner of APForum Queen*
    *takes a breath*
    *scrolls down*


    EDIT: I don't need an award, Kitsune. I'm a queen!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Awards Ceremony

    Quote Originally Posted by Kitsune Inferno View Post
    Where have I seen that before?
    Respect your queen, you fool!

    I couldn't find a good crying picture, but no other crying picture suited the moment better.

    Thank you Holy Hell.

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    Default Re: Awards Ceremony

    It was enough to be nominated.
    Congrats all. Especially Insider and Kitsune.
    *Wonders what place he came in his categories nominated*
    Last edited by ChesCa; January 18th, 2011 at 10:02 PM. Reason: *I'll be back the next year...and the next...and the next...*

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    Default Re: Awards Ceremony

    This reveal was too soon.

    I wanted to steal Robby and taboo's avatars for additional shenanigans :\

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    Default Re: Awards Ceremony

    Quote Originally Posted by Kitsune Inferno View Post
    And hurray for Community!
    I thought Conan was going to walk away with that one until people started campaigning for it in the Discussion Thread, that made all the difference.
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    Default Re: Awards Ceremony

    I actually voted for Conan, then quickly regretted it.

    We got a pretty big following in IRC, that might have helped turn the tides, too.

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    Default Re: Awards Ceremony

    The terrible, terrible ideas were always Robby's. This is true of all things in general.
    Sad, but true.

    The Favorite Mod/Admin as chosen by the voting public is...
    And now you're just being cruel.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kitsune Inferno View Post
    You mean... there are no awards?~

    Nothing to even put in our signatures?~
    It took forever to make those things last year and nobody really cared aside from Wolfwood. I can do something up if you want though.

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    Default Re: Awards Ceremony

    I didn't win anything, thus awards are pointless.
    Quote Originally Posted by Silence View Post
    And when this manga closes out, and Luffy's arm stretches back to deliver that last punch, I wanna feel the crunch of the dream coming true.

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    Default Re: Awards Ceremony

    I...I AM NOT CRAZY!! D8 D8 D8 Just slightly insane dammit! DX *weeps in a padded corner*

    You guys really liked that Panty sig, hmm? xD
    Last edited by Chrissie; January 18th, 2011 at 10:19 PM. Reason: W00t @ Beckman vs Moria match =D
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    Default Re: Awards Ceremony

    This thing's rigged! How could I have actually won something? This just doesn't add up...

    In any event...


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