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Thread: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    This is a tough choice. But I'd without a doubt say that the Arlong Arc is my #1. It's just the most emotionally powerful Arc in my eyes. The battles are fantastically orchestrated and the dialogue is wonderful. Plus I think that Arlong is the best villain .

    Second would probably be Water 7. The entire back-story with Robin and subplot of Usopp leaving the crew is very dramatic.

    Third is Thriller Bark. The writing is a bit slow, but I love the concept of Zombies and the general horror theme combined with Oda's humor.

    Fourth is that Captain Kuro stuff. Short but sweet and well done arc.

    Finally, I think that the G-8 Arc. It had some lame stuff in it, like the whole subplot with the cooks. But I thought that this Filler Arc was really fun and that Jonathan is such a great antagonist.

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    Strictly on animation, pacing, story capturing, filler additions etc...

    1. Skypiea (I never got bored. Thought the whole thing was fun, and it captured the plot perfectly)
    2. Jaya (Perfect pacing for so many important scenes. And the Blackbeard speech was nicely done)
    3. Baratie (Animation was consistent back then, not so rigid, and they made it really funny)
    4. Alabasta (mainly the second half, Luffy's "Gomu Gomu no Storm!" is still the best directed finish to a fight)
    5. Arlong Park (back when there wasn't too much staring and "mugiwara!"s, so great pacing especially for the Luffy vs Arlong fight).

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    Taking pacing into consideration, I would have to say:

    1. Alabasta
    2. Drum Island
    3. Water 7
    4. Laboon/Whiskey Peak
    5. Skypiea

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    1. Water 7/Enies Lobby - I consider this one big arc mostly and its got many memorable moment and action, plus some great villains with the CP9. Usopp vs Luffy was heartbreaking, seeing what Robin went thorugh, Franky joining up, seeing Gear 2nd for the first time, Luffy vs Lucci. It was just great and epic all over.
    2. Alabasta - The first whole arc i watched subbed and not 4kids dubbed. I loved Crocodile, easily my favorite One Piece Villain, and loved seeing Ace, and overall i just thought it was an epic arc.
    3. Arlong Arc - Second arc i saw after Baratie, but it was the first Arc i really got into, even though it was the 4kids dub.
    4. Thriller Bark - Before i caught up on One Piece a while back, i was only at Alabasta, and knew of what went on in Enies Lobby, Skypeia, Sabaody and others, but Thriller Bark i knew nothing of when i read it, so it was a huge surprise and i loved the art style....also loved Perona.
    5. Baratie - My first arc i saw on 4kids, introduced me to One Piece, kind of special to me.

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