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Thread: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    #5: Thriller Bark

    #4: East Blue Arc (Saga?)

    #3: Jaya Arc

    #2: Shabaody Archipelago: coolest, most colorful characters in a very long time. Plus, we got to see another Admiral!

    #1: Marineford. The anticipation for this arc was, by itself, enough to get me back into One Piece after a six year hiatus. Plus, it introduced some of the coolest new characters, had some of the craziest plot twists, and had some of the best "WOW" moments in all of manga.

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    1.) Skypiea
    2.) Alabasta
    3.) Impel Down
    4.) Sabaody Archipelago
    5.) Marineford

    Kinda dissapointed with the marineford arc, Mangawise its easy getting the first place but seems alot of the epic scenes is loosing their epicness during the anime.

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    5) Alabasta
    4) Impel Down
    3) Enies Loby
    2) Shabody Archipelago (intdouction of the supernovas ! + rayleigh, kizaru and SH vs KUMA)
    1) Marinford arc... those plot twist were so suprising and changed the manga/anime forever

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    5. Thriller Bark
    4. Impel Down
    3. Arlong
    2. Shabody

    Favorite!!! Enies Lobby

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    1.Water 7
    Thriller Bark
    Enies lobby

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    As of Yonkou #3 (41 total):

    First place only -

    13 Skypiea
    10 Marineford
    5 Enies Lobby
    3 Arabasta
    3 W7
    3 TB
    1 Romance Dawn
    1 Syrup Island
    1 Arlong
    1 Jaya

    Interesting to see that no one arc completely dominates, but it's even more interesting to see that so many of you love Skypiea.

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    hmm...and I always thought of Skypiea as one of the more polorizing arcs of the series...come to think of it, I feel the same about Marineford. Crazy.


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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    1-Water 7 arc (Enies Lobby too )
    2-Whitebeard War arc
    3-Skypiea Arc
    4-Arabasta Arc
    5-East blue Arc

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    Not In Any Order

    1. Arlong Arc
    2. Skypea Arc
    3. LougeTown Arc
    4. Alabasta Arc
    5. Marineford Arc

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    1. Skypiea
    2. Marine Ford
    3. Impel Down
    4. Enies Lobby
    5. Thriller Bark

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    My favors are:

    1. Marine Ford - A wonderful war with dramatic scenes and so much hope in there characteres.

    2. Impel Down - I love the darkest deep area. With all the evil persons.

    3. Enies Lobby - But I love the manga version, I think the anime-version is to long with the last fight.

    4. Arlong Arc - Very dramatic arc and what would be the beginning from One Piece without this arc, I think. ^^

    5. Syrup Village Arc - Super bad enemy and Kuro is so... "punch him!" ;D

    I think all Arcs I great but in the most time Its is to long in the anime. I totally forgot the Sabaody Archipel Arc thats also a great Arc. ^^

    greetings Teleschnecke

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    1. This is really difficult. Baratie and Arlong were great.
    I think Don made a very realistic villain. He didn't care if what he did was considered dirty, or unfair, he fought like it was a real fight. When he told Gin to throw the mask away, it really showed what type of person he was. I still want to see Gin in the New World.

    2. Little Garden, I have a hard time choosing which arc I like most. I enjoyed most of them so much. But Zoro cutting his own legs, and the great story about the giants dual was great.

    3. Drum, this one really made me contemplate to continue watching OP. The people transforming, and the whole Ruldolph knock was odd/annoying. But while rewatching it, I really enjoyed. Hiriluk is one of my favorite civilian characters.

    4. Sabody Archipelago, The animation at times was very breathtaking. It had many hiccups in animation during the Kuma fight, but they made up for it with spectacular shading of the Sun and bubbles.

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    1. Enies Lobby
    2. Skypiea
    3. Alabasta
    4. Thriller Bark
    5. Marineford

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    Enies lobby really is a popular arc huh? I thought it was actually pretty boring. How do I put it.... it was a little too dragon ball z-ish for my taste. I also thought the viking funeral scene was really, really stupid. Anyway, on topic:

    #5. The Buggy arc. A classic. Was fun to get to know all the characters who were obviously new to me at this point. Buggy's devil fruit made for an interesting battle.

    #4. Fishman Island. I love it already.

    #3 Marineford. A big ol' reunion of old and new characters alike, awesome.

    #2. Drum Island. Contains a lot of humor, sadness and hapiness too, a very emotional arc. Chopper was still cute as hell at this point. Hiluluk was awesome. And Wapol is hilarious.

    #1. Thriller Bark. It's full of humor. It has Perona who contrary to popular belief is a great, funny character. It has some great battles, one of wich where all the Strawhats work together defeating a single, strong opponent, wich is very rare in the series. And lastly it has Moria, who is simply one of the best characters in all of fiction!

    Oh wait... this is the anime section... Ah well, it can do no harm to leave this here i supose.

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    Mine are:

    1: Skypiea
    2: Marineford
    3: Enies Lobby
    4: Alabasta
    5: Sabaody

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    1. Water 7
    2.Shambody Archipelogo
    3.Marine Ford
    4. Arlong Park
    5. Thriller Bark

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    How is Marineford getting on so many people's list?

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    ^^ because they are manga fans and are making their lists accordingly. Marineford was absolutely epic in the manga - the anime has been hit and miss.

    Personally, I am more surprised by the people putting Impel Down. I have nothing against it - it just seems like a build up arc.


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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    Yes the anime didn't have it very good, but I don't think the manga made it a top 5 arc. I prefer the adventure, and the war was a combat driven arc. I wouldn't want a war to not be combat driven, but fight scenes aren't why I watch/Read OP.

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    Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Arcs?

    Sabaody Archipelago
    Thriller Bark
    Impel Down
    Arlong Park

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