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Thread: Chopper vs Rayleigh

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    Default Re: Chopper vs Rayleigh

    Quote Originally Posted by Muda Muda no Mi View Post
    It's over.....

    Rayleigh put the final nail in a long time ago.... close it already! :P

    16 characters of So mean. :P
    Quote Originally Posted by CoralSnake View Post
    ..Take that Sanji fan girls! Some ugly evil clown is destroying your Zoro vs Sanji match!! MWAHAHAH xD
    Quote Originally Posted by Darkstorm View Post
    No. This thread has just the right amount of bile and angst.

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    Default Re: Chopper vs Rayleigh

    Muda wins this thread. It's cruel, but fitting. I'll admit I winced a little at the last panel though. such a tragedy...

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    Default Re: Chopper vs Rayleigh

    It's time to put this reindeer out of his misery.

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