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Thread: Smoker vs. Arlong

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    All I can say is Smoker had one of the best lines in the entire series! Just look at this kickass illustration by birdiesama!
    Quote Originally Posted by birdiesama View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by piratemarimo View Post
    Isn't there some way of making MANSCENT sound more.. manly?
    You should Try MANSTINK

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    ... well MANSTINK does sound less effeminate. If I don't hear a better suggestion by the time this match ends, it will become Smoker's new epithet.

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    Smoker advances,what a good way to end this day!

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    Smoker: It looks like I smoked the competition. Now go eat shit!
    Arlong: Couldn't I eat a cannonball instead?

    The marine moves on!
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