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Thread: The "I've lived/spent time in Japan" Commiseration Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCC View Post
    Ah! Sorry for the late reply! I haven't had computer access! I'd love to meet (wasn't necessarily suggesting that, but...), but for better or worse, my mom is visiting from New York this week, and we've only got a bit more time together (likely followed by at least another year of her not seeing me). So... I don't think that could work, but of course I appreciate the offer. D:

    And thanks for the comprehensive reply re: my question! I couldn't have imagined that it was that bad even 20 years ago. My petty concerns now seem completely irrelevant in light of the racist hellhole that this apparently used to be (just a racist cesspit now, I guess). The foreign food stuff too... although the inaka isn't much better about that, even today.
    Hey. please remember that these were the moments that stuck out over a several year period. Overall I truly loved my time here, and miss it terribly.

    And no worries about the Jump store. Of course your mom takes precedence, and its for the best anyway, since as it turns out, we will be going there with a relative who wants to spend time with us that day while we're in Tokyo, so I couldn't have done it after all. LOL Hope you mom has a whale of a time. Tokyo in summer is very fun.

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    *bump bump*

    ooh. so My roomate and I hosted some Japanese students for a week as part of a college exchange program. We had a blast. I cooked a roast chicken. (apparently you can't buy whole chicken in japan) Showed them my retro game systems. "they're so big" was their comments. We all learned a lot from each other during the week. We took them to Toronto. To Niagara falls. Shopping. Such a wild experience.

    Anyways, the 2 boys we hosted spoiled us rotten with japanese things. They gave us what I assume is "furoshiki" those japanese handkerchiefs. but those are supposed to be square. I know how to fold and use square ones. The one I got is a long rectangle. Almost like a furoshiki was cut in half. And yes, I am certain the cloth is not folded. What do I do with this? or how do I fold it or use it?

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