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    Hello everyone :D

    I&#39;ve been checking out this site/forum for quite some time to get my One Piece fix. So I finally decided that the least I could do to give back to the community is by gracing everyone with my presence here.

    It&#39;s so hard living in a world where only one of your friends knows almost as much about One Piece as you do....

    Anyways... I&#39;m from the Tampa area of Florida, so if you&#39;ve been to any major Florida cons this year, you might of seen me. I&#39;d like to think I was fairly noticeable at Metrocon... I&#39;ll post those pics up in the appropriate section later today.

    See ya&#33;
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    Welcome, 886th Saiyaman&#33; The afro is indeed powerful.

    I went to elementary and middle school in Tampa.
    Quote Originally Posted by Battle Franky
    Bad move, bub!

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    Hullo, and welcome&#33; Well, at least you can chat about your OP obsession with other obsessed people here. ^__^ Have fun&#33;

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    Welcome welcome welcome&#33;

    Yes, we are all obssessed here. I promise you&#39;re not alone. It&#39;s the same where I&#39;m from. Not many people watch OP. :(

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    Konnichiwa&#33; Youkoso&#33; Hope you enjoy your stay here.

    Indeed, we&#39;re all obssessed. But you can use the term &#39;extremely passionate&#39; if you like. :3 I hope you post lots and prosper&#33;

    And dude, your icon is friggen awesome.

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    ...I live in Tampa.

    Maybe we know each other?&#33; Teh gasp&#33;

    And I checked your profile...

    You are ONE FRICKIN&#39; DAY older than me.

    What a bunch of freaky coincidences.

    Oh, and by the way, here is the official secret Arlong Park handshake. *gives*

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    Well, hello and welcome. I&#39;m new too so I can&#39;t really say much but just "let&#39;s have some fun here&#33;" :P
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    Welcome aboard and have fun ^^

    *Have some pepsi and cookies too*

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    welcome and enjoy :lol:

    Thanks terri for the awesome sig!! Your awesome!!

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