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Thread: Dreams Discussion Thread

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    I can't remember ever dreaming about One Piece before, but tonight Kaido sent me to my death to serve as a meat shield, what a dick.

    So I was dreaming I was playing an MMORPG with Dungeons & Dragons ruleset (Mostly as in you pick classes and it had a slight fantasy element). But at the same time it was extremely real like it was real life, dreams are weird like that, reality and fantasy blend together. One of the various warring factions was run by none other than Kaido (none of the other characters were anything from One Piece). Of course I joined that faction because I thought they were evil badasses. Everyone with a high level was basically a demigod, and I was just a level 1 absolute insect. Queue another faction attacking us. Since I was just a lowly level 1 scrub, and very cowardly to boot, my plan was to just stay away and soak up experience points. Kaido had a different idea however, he just sent me to the front line, to stand against the wall of our fort. I thought I was going to die for sure (again, this felt very real so it was very scary), but I couldn't disobey Kaido and the others of the faction, the would absolutely destroy me. Mostly though, it was the sheer peer pressure. Clearly, he had absolutely 0 concern for his subordinates. (Wow, it's just like Kaido from the manga huh? Why did I join this faction again?) Sure enough the enemy attacked, and their army jumped right over the wall, over me. So now I was a complete sitting duck, separated from my allies. I knew I was actually going to die and it was very scary, sure enough they immediately killed me. Luckily it was a dream, and a game inside a dream to boot, so I respawned back at the game's starting location. Turns out Kaido's faction won the battle, though he lost his left eye and wore an eyepatch now. I didn't return to them out of disgrace.

    That's just one part of a much bigger dream in this MMORPG, but this is the only notable part with a OP character. All in all a pretty cool entertaining dream, but that one part was not so fun. It felt like I was an actual private in a war, shaking in my boots while my general, who I can't disobey, sends me to the front line to certain death and sure enough, I'm fully aware of my own imminent death as the enemy prepares to kill me. Pretty messed up when you consider countless people throughout history actually had this happen to them in real life.

    So yeah, Kaido is an asshole.
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    I'm trying to remember, but it involved being back in high school not getting along with one of my english teachers.

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