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Thread: FINAL MATCH Discussion

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    Default Re: FINAL FUCKING MATCH Discussion

    Best campaign for me:

    There are few things that I regret in life:
    Never having caught all 151 Pokémon (fuck you, Mew, just fuck you)
    or never having eaten Oreos until I was 17...
    But Aphelandra vs. Moria...I will never forgive myself for having missed out on that!
    Who knows, maybe Overlord robbybevard could have obtained world domination through my vote!
    But in the next tournament Aphelandra shall become queen.... Promise....

    In all seriousness, I'd say this tournament was a great success and I enjoyed all the big and small contributions.
    You guys are crazy and I laughed my butt off! Hope there'll be another one in the future!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bad-Beat View Post
    Ivotas fucking sucks.

    Just so you guys know, the final round was HUUUUUUUUUUGELY fixed. That forum downtime wasn't a coincedence.
    Didn't I pay you extra-money so you'd keep it on the low? I want my money back, all of it....! And my soul, if you still happen to have it...

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    Default Re: FINAL FUCKING MATCH Discussion

    This tournament was fun! I enjoyed the matches, etc. Can't wait for the next one! ^^
    Also, I would like to say great job and thanks to everyone who made this tournament possible! ^^

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    Talking Re: FINAL FUCKING MATCH Discussion

    So it all finally comes to an end. *Sigh* I remember I started participating in this tournment when they were halfway through the first round. And I have seen some awesome matches: Bon Kurei vs Zoro, Franky vs Sanji, Usopp vs Whitebeard, Buggy vs Sanji and then Zoro, Luffy vs Zoro, and 2 three-way matches in a single tournament! Man, this tournament was Epic with a capital 'E'! I can't wait till next year, hopefully it will be better than this one! This was great and I thank the moderaters who helped make this tournament so unforgettable: Ivotas, Bad-Beat, Upiq, and anyone else that I may have forgotten. This tournament has been my entire summer and now its over, so long everyone, hopefully we shall all meet again next year, at ArlongPark Forums One Piece Character Tournament 2010!!! And finally, CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR CHAMPION: MONKEY D. LUFFY!!!
    The Kyoujin Pirates, Join them or Shut up.

    Banchi For Vote!! 2010!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samemind View Post
    Answer truthfully: you took inspiration from the final boss of Psychonauts for this. Right?
    Nah, I took inspiration from the pile of sand with the hook, the cigar and the head on my ending campaign :P

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    Default Re: FINAL FUCKING MATCH Discussion

    Ok guys, the time has come to close this section for now. Thanks a bunch for everyone who joined and made this thing the big fun it was. Hope to see you guys around next year too. Until then, feel free pass the time drinking a glass of whine or two with this guy...

    See ya!

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    Default Re: FINAL FUCKING MATCH Discussion

    oh yeah, Ivotas sucks.

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    Default Re: FINAL FUCKING MATCH Discussion

    You know who else sucks? Bad-Beat.

    Who know whose massive contributions to all this haven't received anywhere near enough credit? Tare-Chan.
    Complicating things since 2009.

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    Default Re: FINAL FUCKING MATCH Discussion ^^; don't quarrel..... we already come to the end anyway...

    And don't forget brennen.exe

    Z/R Forever!!
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