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Thread: Mad Men

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    Default Mad Men

    Did read a review about this series and it seems like an interesting show.

    Who watches this show?
    Is it worth the time?
    what's your view about this?


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    Default Re: Mad Men

    I watched the first season back when it came out. In fact I had forgot this whole show altogether.

    It's pretty dry, dense and slow. Or that's how I remember it. My memory of it is a bit fussy. But it was also somewhat entertaining, clever and has a neat look. I mean otherwise I wouldn't had watched a whole season of it! It's a very highbrow television show. Really, if you want to mock tastes of other people and appear as a man of intelligence and sophistication then you should definitely give it a chance .

    I might try to catch up with it. Wiki says there has been another season.

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    Default Re: Mad Men


    Do not want.

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