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Thread: Chapter 544 translation by Svg

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    Default Chapter 544 translation by Svg

    Translation already out on Mangahelpers! BY SVG!


    You may use my translation for scanlations, but please give me credit if you do so.


    One Piece chapter 544

    Even the lid of the cauldron of hell will open

    Cover story no. 11: Sanji, keep your cool in Kamabakka Hell

    Vol. 2: A complete maiden


    Intro line: Blackbeard!!

    Blackbeard: I already know the one who captured that former Shichibukai /

    Is you, Straw Hat Luffy!!!

    Back then, I was tryin' to become his successor among the Shichibukai /

    And by capturing you, I could've made them acknowledge my strength!!

    Let's go n' kill Straw Hat Luffy in Water 7 /

    And hand him over to the government as a present!

    Ace: Seems I can't let you go after all...

    ... He's my little brother!!!


    Blackbeard: But fate /

    Was on your side... !!!

    Ace was always on my tail after I commited something nasty on Whitebeard's ship /

    And he turned out to be your brother!! When he learned we were setting out to kill his little bro, he stood in our way /

    Sealing his fate!!

    Do you understand now? If he let us walk, not only would he've brought shame on Whitebeard /

    He would've gotten his little brother killed, too!!

    Auger: There are no coincidences in fate.

    In other words /

    Doc Q: Yup... It means...

    You're a lucky guy... Guhh!!

    Lafitte: Our captain has already become renouned as a Shichibukai /

    So we are no longer interested in taking your life.

    Burgess: UIIIHAHHAHHA!!! Your brother /

    Fought like a true warrior!!!


    Blackbeard: You'll have to thank him at his grave... !!

    If he hadn't appeared back then /

    You would've been the one to die, Straw Hat!!

    Luffy: Well then...

    Why don't you try killing me now!!!


    Blackbeard: Dowaaa!!!

    Auger: Captain!!!

    Blackbeard: Guwaaa!!!

    Luffy: I won't let Ace die!!!

    Gomu Gomu no...


    Blackbeard: Dark Vortex!!!


    Bon: Straw-chan?!

    Luffy: Wha...

    Crocodile: Blood?!

    Isn't he supposed to be rubber?

    Luffy: GYAAAA...!!!


    Luffy: Nnu!!

    Gomu Gomu no

    Jimbei: Wait, Luffy-kun!!! That is enough!!!

    It is not time yet!!! Bear with it!!!

    Think about it!!! What is more important?!

    Luffy: HUFF!!!

    Blackbeard: Hah... Hah...

    Jimbei: Ever since he had been on Old Man Whitebeard's ship /

    No one has known this man's true nature!!

    I do not know how he did it, but... He has enough power /

    To have beaten Ace-san!!


    Jimbei: Wasting time and energy here is pointless!!!

    If you battle him out of rage now, you will not be able to save Ace-san!!!

    Luffy: Hah... Hah...

    Blackbeard: You're stronger than I thought... You've raised your spirit since back then, too.

    Crocodile: You're name's Blackbeard, right?

    I heard my successor was some no-name guy from Whitebeard's crew...

    I find it weird.

    If you're supposed to be attending a meeting at Marine Headquarters, why are you here?

    Are you throwing away your title as a Shichibukai on purpose?

    Blackbeard: It's all a part of my plan, you see! Although it has its flaws...

    Do you expect me to tell you what my plan is /

    Mister Crocodile?


    Crocodile: No.

    Actually, I don't give a damn about it.

    Blackbeard: You're a feisty one, aren't ya?

    Candies: Magellan's here!!!

    Magellan, the Chief Warden?!

    Not good!!!

    We've gotta go!!!

    Head for Level 3!!!

    Blackbeard: Magellan... ?!

    So he's finally here.

    Candies: Whoa!!!



    Guards: Chief Warden Magellan... ?!

    Thank goodness... !! We're saved... !!!

    Iva: This is bad...

    Strav Hat boy!! Get going, now!!

    If you get hit by Magellan's poison again /

    There is no vay you vill survive!!!

    Candies: Climb up the stairs!! Up to Level 3!!!

    The Bazooka Squad is done for!! There's nothing to hold us off!!!

    Jimbei: How convenient for us that they took care of the stairwell's defense force!!

    Blackbeard: Zehahaha... !! Fer us, too!!

    This panic's in our favour, too... !!


    Candies: One of the Demon Guards is up again!!!

    It's the Minotaur!!!

    Bon: Whaaaa?! But we took care of the Minotaur!!!

    Crocodile: They're "Awakened" Zoan type fruit users, of course they'll get up again!

    They're toughness and resilience is something else!!

    Bon: So they're devil fruit users!?!!

    Crocodile: If we don't hurry /

    The other three'll wake up, too...

    Bon: WHAAAA?!

    Crocodile: But there's no point in fearing them /

    When the boss of hell's already here.


    Guards: Chief Warden Magellan!!

    We've got word that Blackbeard has appeared here!!

    We must hurry to the stairwell leading to Level 3!!

    Magellan: I sent Shiryuu to deal with Blackbeard... Was he defeated?

    Guard: Monitor Room reporting in!!!

    Magellan: What is it?

    Guard: W... We've got a problem... !!!

    The visual den den mushi have been destroyed /

    And our monitor system is down!!!

    We have no equiptment to communicate with Marine

    Headquarters or the Government anymore!!!

    We are sealed o... !!!

    Magellan: Hey!! What's wrong?! What happened?! Who's doing

    is this?!

    Shiryuu: That's enough... I don't want Magellan running down here.


    Guards: The signal's gone... !!

    Magellan: Someone deal with whoever's responsible!!

    I've got to take care of this... If Blackbeard reached this floor /

    That means he came through the door on Level 2... !!

    Can it get any worse... ?!

    I let a single invading rat escape... And now it's a full scale rebellion!!!

    Buggy: Flashy! Flashy!

    Box: Level 2

    Buggy: Flashy! Flashy!


    Weee are the lucky meeen!!!

    We're headin' off to Level 1, peeps!!

    Mr. 3: And we will once again bathe in sunlight outside!!!

    Prisoners: UOOOO!!! Our Savior of Luck, Captain Buggy!!


    Luffy: I'm going to save Ace no matter what!!!

    Blackbeard: Zehahaha... I won't say it's impossible!!

    Nothing's impossible in this world!!

    You reached Sky Island, didn't ya?

    Flashback: The era when pirates have a dream will end...?!

    Hey!! Gimme a break!!!

    Blackbeard: Same goes for One Piece!!

    I'm sure it exists!!!


    Wait for it, guys... !!!


    In just a few hours /

    We'll put on a show that'll rock the world!!!

    Jimbei: Let it go, Luffy-kun!!

    Blackbeard: ZEHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Crocodile: Heh

    Iva: Let's go!!!

    To Level 3!!!


    Sady: Mmmmm... Help me!! Chief Warden!!!

    Magellan: Sady-chan!!!

    Sady: Okamakov mmmm... got me!!!

    How humiliating!! If I cannot assault, my life is meaningless!!!

    Magellan: Get her down.

    Guards: Right away, sir!!

    Blackbeard: Zehahaha... Are you Magellan... ?


    Magellan: And you must be Blackbeard.

    Blackbeard: I sure as hell am!!!

    Magellan: Hydra!!!


    Blackbeard: Oh...

    Gyaaaa!! It hurts!! It hurts so bad!!!

    Magellan: I don't have time to ask why you came here... !!!

    Blackbeard: AAAAAAA!!!

    The hell's this... ?! Poison!? Goddammit!!!

    Magellan: Hannyabal...

    Well done holding up until now... !!


    Magellan: I'll leave the rest to you. Don't you die on me!!

    Guards: Vice Warden!!

    Magellan: You are the only one /

    Worthy to be my successor!!!

    STRAW HAT!!!

    Candies: Whoe!! Who's that?! Isn't that Magellan's voice?!

    Luffy: It's the poison guy... !!

    Magellan: I won't let you /

    Set a single foot outside!!!

    End line: Run!!

    The End
    Seeking infinity, with all my affinities.
    Finding truth, like a falling fruit, my ultimate finality.
    Inside my being, the outside, all things; the finite leads the way.

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    Default Re: Chapter 544 translation by Svg

    thank you berry much!!!! :-*

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    Default Re: Chapter 544 translation by Svg

    thx for the hard work.

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    Default Re: Chapter 544 translation by Svg

    Thanks a lot dude!!

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    Default Re: Chapter 544 translation by Svg

    Cool Thank You Very Much

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    Default Re: Chapter 544 translation by Svg

    Thanks, and i see you also do Hungarian trans, good job, keep it up!

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    Default Re: Chapter 544 translation by Svg

    Nice job! Thanks for your good work.

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    Default Re: Chapter 544 translation by Svg

    Thanks a bunch!!!!

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    Default Re: Chapter 544 translation by Svg

    Thanks for your great job, Svg !

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    Default Re: Chapter 544 translation by Svg

    thank about chapter 544

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    Default Re: Chapter 544 translation by Svg

    Thank you for the translation!

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