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Thread: Plants vs Zombies

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    Default Plants vs Zombies

    So has anyone here heard of or better yet played Plants vs Zombies?
    It's by far one of the better pc games out there imo.
    Heres the trailer for it:

    It got a solid 9 on IGN, which is pretty good.

    Theres alot to do once you beat the game, and there are shit loads of plants and mini games that need to be unlocked.

    You can get it here for $20, and while it is worth it, you can probably get it on torrents for free.
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    Default Re: Plants vs Zombies

    Lol, looks entertaining, but only as a trailer.

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    Default Re: Plants vs Zombies

    I've played this and it's pure lol XD I have never laughed when losing at a game but at this one I did. It's simple and silly but yet it's addicting. Just try it out XD It may be pretty much pointless, but it will give you a giggle or two. Hint: you think you may not need it, but I suggest you click on Help on the first page XD *grins*
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