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Thread: Forced Listening Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDL View Post
    That's some cool synth work and overall sound. I like how it keeps switching things up too, with the different patterns and melodies.
    A definite strength when it comes to electronic songs.

    This was a thrill, love how he so effortlessly switches between the various melodies and still manage to play them without coming off as samey. I've heard the soundtrack where you face the Champion of Elite 4 on guitar before. I just can't remember what to search for anymore.

    EDIT: I originally posted an anime soundtrack but it felt so vanilla and decided I would go with an up and coming artist:
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    I'm not very knowledgeable about american hiphop, so... But I thought it was good when I first listened to it. Nice music and the rapping was good too, although some of the more socially awkward words are kinda grating to me, hahaha. Listening to the lyrics sorta soured the experience further since at first I figured it was a song about a literal cash machine, hahah, but nah, just someone bragging about his riches... Which I'm not that interested in.

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    That was a very beautiful song! I liked the melody of it a lot! So much, that I put it in my favorites on Youtube! :P

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