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Thread: MadTV is ending?

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    Default MadTV is ending?

    i read this on a Wrestling newsite so far due to numerous wwe stars have been on the show
    right now ,waiting for to see this on Yahoo or a different newsite

    - Fox has cancelled their long running series MadTV. Many current and former WWE Superstars have appeared on the show in the past including such names as Steve Austin, Triple H and Trish Stratus. This years 14th season will be the show's last.
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    Default Re: MadTV is ending?

    What, me worry?
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    Default Re: MadTV is ending?

    I stopped watching MADtv about Will Sasso left.
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    Default Re: MadTV is ending?



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    Default Re: MadTV is ending?

    Meh, it had a good run but once they lost their really strong players the show stopped being funny. The past 4-5ish seasons haven't been very good, only having a few memorable sketches per season.

    Bobby Lee, Nicole Sullivan, and Michael McDonald are the only players still around that are worth watching, and McDonald isn't in this new season, as is Sullivan who will only be in a handful of episodes supposedly (and besides that she's lost alot of her old magic)

    The only sketches in recent memory I enjoyed were Bon Qui Qui and Beautiful Nail both by Anjelah Johnson who never even became an official player despite being in 2 of the biggest sketches the show has had in a looooong time, Bobby Lee's ongoing Korean drama show and his 24 Hours sketches, and whenever McDonald would bring out Stewart.

    If it dies, it'll be sad mainly because it's been in a big slump lately and hasn't been able to recover.
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    Default Re: MadTV is ending?

    Meh, I honestly haven't found it all that funny either recently. I stopped watching it, and only catch it from time to time these days.

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