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Thread: A Study of One Piece Animation

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    Default Re: A Study of One Piece Animation

    It says they're thinking of doing it, nothing is for sure confimed
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    Okay okay i changed it to finally (potentially). Its pretty much confirmed tho. The question is whether they start adapting them during Wano or after

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    Default Re: A Study of One Piece Animation

    That's great news!

    If they'll do it during Wano that could make for potentially great filler offshoots, however it would be a bit strange if they'll do if for characters that were already reintroduced into the main story(Hatchen, Jinbei, CP9/CP0, Baroque Works etc), but who knows maybe theyll be able to make it work with the narrator recapping the events in some way.

    Another thing that comes into question is how much from them they'll be able to use for a 25 minute episode, will they seperate them in two halves or are they going to extend them with a lot of filler?

    It's an interesting development.
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    Default Re: A Study of One Piece Animation

    Skippy, thank you!

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