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Thread: CCC's Sculpts

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    Bwahahahhhahaa, oh god XD Akainu made me laugh for good.
    I also like it about "logia-ing off" - both in terms of word and creativity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buuhan1 View Post
    Yeah... again- they stole my pose!! XD

    Anywho, here's a few shots of my newest thingy.

    Empty Base:

    Sengoku, still sans his underlings:

    Top View:

    Back View:

    He was actually a total disaster. Like a fool, I didn't really leave enough vents for the air inside his body cavity to escape, so while baking, everything sort of bulged out and cracked (the head even fell off). But Krazy Glue is my panacea; you can hardly tell that there was ever a problem, eh?

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    Default Re: CCC's Sculpts

    My favorite is kaku. You should make me one and I'll pay you....in comments but it's payment none the less.

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    Woooooow! *_* Soo cool! Just sweet =) Can`t wait to see the rest! <3

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    Round 2!

    Aokiji was much easier than Sengoku, and required far less time and materials. But- I think he came out better. I only decided on how to do the "ice" at the very end, but it definitely worked well.

    And yeah, in the third pic, I know that it looks as if Sengoku is some kind of pedo-bear. Maybe having the others in place will spread out the love.

    oh, and while I'm at it, I think I'll plug some of my non-OP work (never posted them here before):
    Pic 1/2: Metroid Prime's Meta-Ridley (2 foot wing span):
    Pic 3: Zelda: Majora's Mask's Happy Mask Salesman
    Pic 4: DBZ's Perfect Cell
    Pic 5: Donkey Kong Country 2's Kaptain K. Rool
    Pic 6: Resident Evil 4's Bittores Mendez

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    holy holy shit!! that last picture of the resident evil 4 boss is totally a win!! I think it's one of your best pieces!! good job on K.Rool too lol!

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    I saw your majora's mask stuff on deviantart before, I love it!

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    Default Re: CCC's Sculpts

    Oh man, Meta Ridley looks sick.

    Happy Mask Man is pretty sweet as well, great work all around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CCC View Post

    this is by far the best thread in the creativity section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaimei Karasuhebi View Post
    this is by far the best thread in the creativity section.
    *waves compliment away and insults you a la Chopper*

    Admiral display is on hold for now, but in the meantime...

    Keshishishishi. Coming soon.

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    Default Re: CCC's Sculpts

    I really like your Foxy sculpt. He's soooo great~~

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    Default Re: CCC's Sculpts

    Moria's Next?!

    Oh Hell Yeah!!

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    This is a big one...
    At 13 inches tall and 3 pounds, Moria was pretty expensive materials-wise and timewise. That said, I'm particularly fond of this one (as far as quality), and despite the simplicity, the face looks pretty good.
    The base is supposed to be the black and white marble of the dance hall (in TB castle).

    Progress shots, for those interested:

    Size comparison to Luffy crossover figure (obviously Moria isn't to scale with any of my other figures or sculptures):

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    Awesome Moria :D

    Kamen Rider OOOs

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    Oh wow. I definately have to say that I think this one is my favorite of all your sculptures 8DDDDDDD
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    Default Re: CCC's Sculpts

    You managed to get that crazed look in his eyes that the Anime version never quite seemed to capture!
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    Wow, these are all so amazing. I love them all. I definetly can't wait to see what you do next.

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    Nice Gekko Moria sculpture. Your sculptures are really amazing.

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    Very nice Moria !
    It's weird but I'm particularly impressed by the mouth.

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