Alright, we all know Kirby. The little pink ball who's starred in several Nintendo games, defeating enemies by eating them and sometimes taking on their powers. But how would he fare in a fight against the entire world?

Let's take a look at The Great Cave Offensive. Out of the treasures he finds, one really sticks out: the Triforce. And he SELLS IT. The motherfucker sells the TRIFORCE.

But would someone so sweet really have what it takes to fight everyone in the entire world? Well he isn't really sweet, he's actually a complete asshole. Take Kirby's Adventure for instance. Sure he defeated Nightmare, but the only reason Nightmare came out of the Fountain of Dreams was that he beat up Dedede and his allies in order to put the Star Rod back together so everyone in Dream Land could, well, dream! He wouldn't have known about this since he's had it out for Dedede every since that great king stole all the food in Dream Land to lower morale. ONCE. Ever since then Dedede's been just great.

Another example is Squeak Squad. He beat up all of his friends, along with a gang of mice, just because some motherfucker stole his slice of strawberry shortcake. I repeat: because some motherfucker stole his slice of strawberry shortcake. So is he really that sweet? Solid proof that he wouldn't mind beating up everyone in the entire world.