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    ^ ^: I honestly dont do hellos on forums well so lets give this a shot

    Name: real name? I hate it so lets just stick with Lynn it works

    Age: 21

    Area: Texas

    Occupation: College Student/ Cosplayer


    So Youshi pointed me at AP and so did my luffy, and . . Yeah > >

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    Well then, welcome. =P Good to have you here.

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    Welcome to AP forums and have lots of fun!
    My Livejournal/blog
    Quote Originally Posted by JERK DISEASE View Post
    His character is dull now anyway, he's a smug little ace, I miss the part 1 Shikamaru, the dunce who was actually smart. That whole thematic world is dead and gone and I don't think Kishi even remembers it.

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    yo, cosplayers welcome

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    Default Re: < < Ellos

    Bienvenida al parque Valentine
    The Mister Malabro!

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    Hey Lynn!! *waves* Thought I'd stop by in here to welcome you to AP even though I already saw you in the cosplay thread lolz

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    Default Re: < < Ellos

    Welcome to the forums, have fun posting
    Hopefully he's on his way back into the manga -_-

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