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Thread: Wolfs Rain Ending...

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    Default Wolfs Rain Ending...

    I just finished watching the 30 episodes of wolfs rain and at the moment I'm wondering what the hell does the ending mean...

    As far as I could see they all died...

    So I was just wondering whether I missed something important
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    Default Re: Wolfs Rain Ending...

    uh, maybe you should spoiler tag that.

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    Default Re: Wolfs Rain Ending...

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    Default Re: Wolfs Rain Ending...

    They all found paradise in death.

    Thats my interpretation at least.

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    Default Re: Wolfs Rain Ending...

    They died and from the bodies, life was renewd.

    Seriously, wolfs rain to me, is about The Rebirth of the world.

    and of course, Evil never really dies.

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    Default Re: Wolfs Rain Ending...

    I always thought it was about them finding a place to belong. they were searching for this paradise that really didn't exist. They weren't able to find peace until they died.

    I mean I guess its open to interpretation, and I only saw a few episodes of the show(last episode was one.) and that was what I got.

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    Default Re: Wolfs Rain Ending...

    True love never dies.

    Kiba and Toboe will live forever inside many a fangirls' heart. (And fanboys', since I know a Kiba fanboy).

    *scrambles to skip from episode 15 to the ending....*

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