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Thread: Banned?

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    Zephos, I just don't know. If it's a joke, fine. Ya got me. Too elaborate for a stupid boy like me.

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    Wow, I was wondering why someone like CosmicDebris would be banned...

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    See, if this was like....Ocean, or Cosmic suddenly going on a rampage I'd call prank right off.
    But that spy topic, and the layout fiasco....I dunno.

    I'll play along with his game for now, hey if its real theres one easy way to kill a man, like he done killed the other admins...
    Though Ocean should change the uh...title of this thread so wandering eyes dont catch on. Call it something like "IM IN A BANNED, NEED GUITAR HELP.".

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    Sucks that he already went to bed.

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    I honestly hope this is real.
    This is kind of fun.
    Well until we get banned.

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    At any rate we will probably find about about this come April 1st, no? If not then we can begin to suspect that this is the work of some bored soul out there that is banning (mostly respected) people (somehow...) because they have the capability to do so...

    I'm (finally) off to bed, later guys.

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    No ones taking me seriously on the announcement thread right..-_-u

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    I doubt it, I usually dont spam but for some reason that thread made me want to go on a spamming spree.

    Well I hope this issue gets solved soon.

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    So, yeah, I'm thinking subnet ban.

    If the server guy doesn't have this fixed by tomorrow, I'm going to see if I can hack ap, ban the guy, and unban everyone else. I'm no hacker though, so I doubt I can do it, but I think it's worth a shot. Griffin makes my blood boil.

    and griffin if you're reading this, I wasn't kissing up I really liked the layout, but I sure as heck think YOU SUCK BALLS GRIFFIN!!!!

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    I think a funnier prank would be to ban him regardless.
    He DID make this thread..

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    Second is Dead

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    ocean, I forgive you for trusting Griffin. When I discovered I was banned, I thought you did it but when I looked in the fourm leader section in hoping to PM you about this matter, I found out that Griffin was the olny adminstrator. His behavior was immature in the beginning, he kept making these foolish comment in the spoiler thread and I was shocked that he is an admin but I already felt it was not a good idea. I'm sorry ocean for not warning you about promoting Griffin.

    I hope once this is over, Joekido the Second would be un-banned. I hope Griffin never finds this post, I had a hard time selecting a new e-mail.

    Yes this is Joekido the Second still shocked about this madness

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    This is Aldrich here. Let me say that if it's a April fool joke, that's a pretty elaborate and clever one. If it isn't, it's far more hilarious though.

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    Just edit some stuffs in the forum's database, and you can take him out.
    Ask also the server guy if they have a back-up for the forum so you can rollback the database.
    Anyway, if this is an April Fools joke. Nice one
    and LOL for the madness at the "On the first day" thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UR SKIN BLOWS FUCKING NERD View Post
    This is Aldrich here. Let me say that if it's a April fool joke, that's a pretty elaborate and clever one. If it isn't, it's far more hilarious though.
    I'm with you pal.

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    Ocean, Im doing what I must to survive. I will always be on your side. Nearly all are. We are afraid. Afraid.

    Sig made by AngelzRfalling.
    Gary "Iceman" Martin. RIP.

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    Rootbeer here.

    Remember when Lorenzo said he wanted to hack in the forum for fun? That would be so helpful right now.

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    lol, here's Rai [from friend's account].

    Stuff are funny though, you guys are awesome when it comes to altering.


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    Oh? What's this about people being banned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyber-Robin View Post
    Oh? What's this about people being banned?
    Yeah, wat's going on here?

    Good thing that i don't really post anything interesting in this forum anymore, it seems the more well-known members are targeted.

    What? Failing is hard work, too.

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    griffin's gone nutty like a dictator. he banned the whole staff and everyone who didn't like his layout. yeah. and some others,too. either it's early april fool or reality. it was fun at the beginning but now the posts are so shitty...

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