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Thread: Translation: 437 - Zede05

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    Default Translation: 437 - Zede05

    Scanlation free for all.

    One Piece 437
    "Naked but Great"
    Enel's Great Space Conquest vol. 8 "Former Battlefield"

    Page 1
    Citizen: Put your speedo on!
    Citizen: Pervert!
    Citizen: He damaged the city again!
    Citizen: Go away pervert!
    What's Franky's answer to Luffy?

    Franky: Give me back my pants!
    Franky: Strawhat!
    Luffy: For that, you must join us.

    Franky: Don't be stupid...you think I'd join you just because you have my pants?
    Yokozuna: Gero Gero.
    Tileston: NM?

    Page 2
    Franky: Even a naked man is great, if he faces the high waves like a lion!

    Citizen: ARGH!
    Citizen: This guy is doing a naked pose!
    Citizen: Just awful! This guy is the worst!
    Luffy: I underestimated him! What a stubborn guy.

    Luffy: A man among men!
    Nami: He's just a pervert!
    Robin: If we can just play rough, let me help out.

    Page 3
    Robin: Deux
    Robin: Fleur
    Franky: Huh?
    Hands: flip

    Kokoro: Eh?
    Lulu: Ah...!
    Robin: Grasp!

    Franky: WoahhhhhAAAAAAAAA!

    Page 4
    Nami: That's...!? Just wait a second Robin!
    Luffy: You grabbed his...!
    Chopper: It'll be crushed! Robin...!
    Chopper: The painnnnn!

    Franky: AGHHHHHHH!
    Mozi: Going to fall off!
    Kiwi: Going to be split! Like oranges!

    Luffy: Hey Robin, I want him to join us as a guy, don't over do it!
    Chopper: It's painful to even look at him!
    Citizen: What the heck, Franky's actually injured!
    Citizen: It's like when a hog gets led by its neck!
    Citizen: Poor guy!
    Citizen: Even though he's a pervert!

    Page 5
    Robin: As pirates, when faced with a treasure,
    Robin: without a good reason, why should we let go?

    Franky: Wahhh! Like I said before! I... I'm staying on this island.
    Franky: I thank you for your offer! I really meant that!

    Franky: Even though I want to go with you, but there's something I must still do here! That's why I

    gave you the ship!
    Franky: I gave up being a shipwright long ago! That's why this will be the last ship I ever build! I

    just had this one wish.
    Franky: Which was this dream ship!

    Page 6
    Iceburg: But wait...Franky.
    Iceburg: This ship hasn't become the dream ship you described yet.

    Franky: ...
    Iceburg: Dream ship?
    Franky: That's right! But it won't be one just because it's completed based on the blueprint!

    Franky: It has to sail out over many seas, experience countless battles, overcome extreme hardships,
    Franky: and arrive at the end of the world,
    Franky: only then, will it become a dream ship!
    Franky: One day, I'll make this ship, and I'll become the shipwright and ride on that ship.

    Franky: To see that fated day!
    Franky: Even if by then the ship's body becomes old and battered, it'll still shine brighter than all

    the other ships!

    Page 7
    Franky: What do you think Mr. Tom?
    Tom: That's wonderful! If you can become part of the crew, then you'd have surpassed me! Hahahaha!
    Kokoro: It's probably the pirate blood in you talking.
    Iceburg: Idiot! Keep on dreaming about surpassing Mr. Tom.
    Franky: What was that!?
    Yokozuna: Gero! Gero!

    Tom: Hahaha! Like a man, do it with a DON!
    Franky: The things I want to do have changed!

    Iceburg: Things you want? You're wrong, the stuff you're doing on this island right now
    Iceburg: are just compensating for you what you want...!

    Iceburg: That day...when Mr. Tom was taken away, you blamed yourself and regretted what you had done.

    Iceburg: But in reality, Mr. Tom already forgave you on that day and gave you a new direction!

    Page 8
    Iceburg: From then on you've gathered that rag-tag group from the backstreet,
    Iceburg: went after bounties, attacked the plunders, and protected this island.
    Iceburg: Even though they're small things, they're done to pacify the guilt that you still carry

    around in your heart. Everything you've done is to protect this water capital that Mr. Tom loved!

    Iceburg: Many may not see it like that though.
    Franky: Huh
    Franky: Huh...! Of course they won't see it that way, because I never saw it that way!
    Iceburg: You gave up ship making and forced yourself to live...are you going to continue this way


    Iceburg: Even though Mr. Tom has forgiven you, and I as well,
    Iceburg: but things of the past will not change...
    Iceburg: That's why...

    Page 9
    Iceburg: YOU

    Iceburg: ...you should be able to live for your own dream too, right...?
    Franky: It hurts...

    Franky: It hurts! HURTS!
    DOKAN! (sound)
    Franky: Wah!

    Page 10
    Franky: Huh! What the!?
    Franky: A travel bag?
    Zambai: Boss! This is your traveling baggage!
    Franky Family: Big Bro!
    Franky Family: Big bro!
    Citizen: It's those people!
    Citizen: Get out of here!
    Citizen: It's the Franky Family!

    Zambai: Big bro! Forgive us for our rash actions! We're really sorry! No matter the punishment, we're

    very clear on what we had to do!
    Zambai: Because we're stupid, that's why we only came up with this type of idea!

    Franky: What the hell were you thinking! Stealing my speedo! Argh!?
    Franky: Wanting me to become a pirate! Mind your own business! I'll decide what I want to do in my

    Franky: To make me walk a road laid out by my little bros, how can I do that!
    Franky: Geez! The stuff that needs brains, you shouldn't have tried in the first place!
    Zambai: S..Sorry! But can we not worry about you!?
    Zambai: We were just a bunch of nobodies, and you're the one who changed our lives!

    Page 11
    Zambai: Are we
    Zambai: not allowed to consider your happiness!?

    Iceburg: ...heh heh
    Kokoro: And just who's the real idiot?
    Franky: You guys....
    Franky: It...
    Franky: Wah, it hurts! AHHHHHH!
    Square Sisters: Big bro!

    Page 12
    Luffy: Hey Robin! Please don't hurt him! Please don't turn him into a female!
    Chopper: He's even crying!
    Robin: ...

    Mozi: Will it fall off!
    Kiwi: Torn off!
    Kiwi: Like grapes!

    Franky: Dammit, Nico Robin! I won't forgive you! It hurts so much that my tears won't stop!
    Franky: Uh ah!
    Luffy: Hmm, you're not the one doing that, are you?
    Robin: Heheh...I only caused the initial commotion.
    Robin: What a sly guy...he's using the pain as an excuse for the real cause of his tears.

    Franky: It so hurts!
    Franky: AH ahhh! My tears won't stop!
    Zambai: Boss! Are you ok!?
    Franky thinking: I can't let them see me like this.
    Franky: How am I ok!?

    Page 13
    Zambai: You little speedo bastard actually dares to show off in the backstreet...
    Zambai: Ack!
    Zambai: I give up!
    Franky: The backstreets of Water Seven will now be under my control.
    Franky: Get use to it!

    Square Sisters: Big bro!
    Franky: Little girls shouldn't drink in broad daylight.
    Square Sisters: Who the heck are you?
    Franky Family: Give me some food...
    Franky: Bring me all the homeless loafs!
    Franky Family: Boss!
    Franky Family: Big bro!

    Franky: Lets all move!
    Franky: The Franky Family is here by established!
    Franky Family: Yeehaw!

    Page 14
    Franky: If I'm not here
    Franky: ...how will you all survive..?
    Franky Family: Big bro...

    Franky Family: We will do our best to carry on boss' name in the Water Seven backstreet!
    Franky Family: Don't worry!
    Franky Family: Big bro please don't cry!
    Franky Family: Boss!
    Franky Family: No matter how far away you are, we will always be your little bros!
    Franky Family: Big bro!
    Franky: It hurts! It hurts so bad! My tears won't stop!

    Sanji: Hurry!
    Zoro: It's getting bad!
    Sanji: Luffy!
    Luffy: Ah,
    Luffy: Zoro, Sanji.
    Sanji: We've got a problem!

    Page 15
    Zoro: You're grandpa is back! He's on the opposite shore in attack position and looking for us!
    Luffy: Eh!? What's going on!?
    Luffy: I thought he's not coming after me!
    Sanji: How should we know, let's just set sail now!
    Sanji: Uh! Franky! Put on some cloth!
    Luffy: Ah,
    Luffy: you can have it back! Hurry up and get on Franky!
    Luffy: Get on my ship!

    Page 16
    Franky: ...huhu,
    Franky: look at you talking!
    Franky: For a bunch of idiots who only do crappy fixes, this beautiful ship
    Franky: will suffer without a shipwright. That won't do.

    Franky: Oh well it can't be helped! Then let me look after it.
    Franky: I Franky will accept your invitation to be your shipwright!
    Luffy: YES!

    Square Sisters: Big bro...!
    Zambai: Don't...Don't cry! Strawhat is a trustworthy man!
    Franky thinking: Mr. Tom, I'm leaving this island!

    Page 17
    Franky thinking: I'm sorry that I was a bad student who gave you a lot of trouble.
    Franky thinking: Thank you for looking after me!
    Franky thinking: Galley-la foremen,
    Franky thinking: I leave Iceburg in your care! I also gave you a lot of problems...

    Franky thinking: Old lady Kokoro,
    Franky thinking: little kid and rabbit,
    Franky thinking: Yokozuna...!
    Franky thinking: The angry citizens...
    Citizen: Pervert!
    Citizen: Where are you going!?
    Citizen: Will you be back?
    Franky thinking: Sisters...
    Franky thinking: Gomorrah, Sodom

    Franky thinking: And my dear
    Franky thinking: little brothers...
    Franky thinking: Goodbye...!

    Page 18
    Franky: I'll be away for a while!
    Franky Family: Big bro!
    Franky Family: Big bro!
    Zoro: Put your pants on!
    BG text: Shipwright Franky joins!
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    NJ Zede05!

    Awh, so kind of Franky to take in the homeless.

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    Default Re: Translation: 437 - Zede05

    see, Franky will fit in perfectly

    ..and more evidence that Luffy is smarter than the average bear - person, for noticing the real source of Franky's tears!
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    Thank you for translation Zede05.

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    Default Re: Translation: 437 - Zede05


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    Default Re: Translation: 437 - Zede05

    EJ Zede! :]

    Thanks for the trans. ^^

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    Default Re: Translation: 437 - Zede05

    Thanks for your efforts. Very emotive chapter T_T

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    Default Re: Translation: 437 - Zede05

    I think Robin's Deux Fleur should actually be "Dos Fleur." She always does the numbers in Spanish even though Fleur is French.

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