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  1. Re: Chapter 911: A Great Adventure in the Land of the Samurai

    That's where the 'side bum' idea came from FYI.
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    Re: Chapter 783: Path Blocking

    If it turns out no spoilers this week, I not only understand, I approve.
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    Re: Dumb Predictions

    Gear 4th will actually turn out to be Luffy stealing Law's arm from Doffy and then beating the pink frilled bastard over the head with it repeatedly ... and with much haki!!!
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    Re: Chapter 749: Rascals attack!

    So much to love here; left, right, and center.
  5. Re: Chapter 731: "Dressrosa Operation SOP"

    Knew it was the long awaited return of the Prodigal Son the moment leading up to Luffy's Enel Face. The Luffy face and cups were nice enough confirmation though!

    This was the third time Oda...
  6. Re: Chapter 728: "Number of Tragedies"

    Barto stone walling Bellemy or Bellemy having no intent on actually attacking Luffy seems due to the likely outcome. I simply cannot see Luffy wasting his time fighting this guy hehehe. Awesome...
  7. Re: Minor characters that YOU like

    Well obviously Gonbe, along with Chimney the ever observant and the maternally dubious grandmother Kokoro. I love the overall design of the water 7 arc to be honest.
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    Re: One Piece 723: Change of plans
  9. Re: One Piece 722: The Royal Bloodline

    To label the entirety of the last 800 years of England's history 'unstable' would be understatement, never mind One Piece, where almost no one seems to die. Consider Pell's eventual fate and yeah,...
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    Poll: Re: When Will Doflamingo Be Defeated

    I'm by no means an expert of One Piece, but I have to agree that Doflamango's role and inevitable fate in this arc reminds me strongly of Crocodile in Alabasta. By no means an end to Doflamingo's...
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    Re: One Piece 712 : Violet

    So much enertaining content in one chapter. Am so loving this arc.
  12. Re: No new One Piece Chapters for 2 weeks - Oda hospitalized for infected tonsils

    Glad it's nothing more serious, get well soon Sensi Oda.
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    Re: One Piece 699: The Morning News

    What a great chapter. Thanks Manga Rule for the fast turnaround!
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    Re: Chapter 688: Mocha

    I'm reminded strongly of Buggy's Great Adventure with the current cover story. Doubt it will come close to the greatness that was Buggy's plight though =)
  15. Re: Chapter 686: Biscuit's room snow woman

    In the flashbacks, Monet has legs and no wings. She's definitely one of the weakest, illtrained of any logia we've met in this series while at the same time avoiding direct confrontation because...
  16. Re: Chapter 679: "Determination G-5"

    Thanks! The font used there is much appreciated.
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    Re: Chapter 677: "Counter Hazard"

    So much to love about this chapter, but Apoo won the day for me personally. I really like that guy all of a sudden.

    Hard to recall a chapter so... dare I say it?

    Epic =)
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    Poll: Re: Mr. 3 vs Ace

    Think it all this way; Mr. 3's partner Miss Golden Week is powerful enough, all on her own, to delay all of SJ a week... repeatedly. Dare one vote against such power?
  19. Re: Chapter 676: The Weapon of Mass Destruccion

    I would not mind seeing Usopp picking up the 'frog' (axolotl axolotl) fruit as its apparent uselessness fits him well. I mean what's the point of an aquatic amphibian who goes catatonic, sinking like...
  20. Re: Chapter 676: The Weapon of Mass Destruccion

    Aww Chopper looks so cute when he's scheming. Thanks Redon for posting the missing page, can sleep easy now and pick it up on the Mangarule scan this afternoon*

    *take your time CCC!
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    Re: Chapter 674: Spectators

    That was a painful scan to read though, Panda didn't even get 'Straw Hat' correct....

    Thanks for the proper translation CCC!
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    Re: Strawhat Crew Theories and Prediction Thread

    I think people are referring to Usopp being fast when he's running away, not fast as in kick to the shin or sword though the olive.
  23. Re: Chapter 672: "My Name Is Kinemon!!!"

    When it comes to Virgos' stick event, his hand was black the very first time we saw it and before he shows any more effort than revealing a stick from behind his back. When he does start to put...
  24. Re: Chapter 672: "My Name Is Kinemon!!!"

    What I find compelling about Steak Man Wergo is contained within page 4, where we finally see what appears to be his left hand, which is black.
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    Re: Dumb Predictions

    Bepo is actually hiding under law's hat..He is the one that pushed broken chopper off Law's head in a fit of petty rage.
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    Re: Chapter 671: The Gas-Gas Fruit

    What I cannot get over is how those shoes are the same as Aokiji's and the rest of the Silhouette is hardly unlike him as he too is tall and typically ignoring his arms and hands. Of all the suspects...
  27. Re: One Piece Chapter 670 - Blizzards with a Chance of Slime

    A bit late, but that's the point I was making, the refrigerator full of missing level 6 prisoners were the result of the Lab before the explosion 4 years prior. Vegapunk and the rest were using that...
  28. Re: One Piece Chapter 670 - Blizzards with a Chance of Slime

    I don't think the two Admirals were aware of anything outside their epic duel. By this I mean the entire lab was most likely overlooked by Aokiji.

    Afaik, the frozen prisoners predated the great...
  29. Re: One Piece Chapter 670 - Blizzards with a Chance of Slime

    Thanks Mangarule Team!
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    Re: Chapter 668: Pirate Alliance

    From mangaruler, Nami-in-Franky is speaking

    We should quit while we are ahead! This is a dangerous territory! We've got our own pace and way of doing things...

    Edit: Thanks for the quality...
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