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  1. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    Everything FUNimation producers is ultimately owned by Toei, so who knows. Isn't the word fans have been given Toei handles the TV rights in North America?
  2. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    Toei expects US broadcast powerhouses (much bigger than them), to play their game. "Oh, you won't pay us this great amount of money for our super-duper-popular-in-Japan-cartoon? Fine, fuck you. We're...
  3. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    I was indeed unaware of the extent Toei reached into France. Then again, the French market has always been receptive of foreign media, so it's not much of a victory.

    I'm going to hold firm on...
  4. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    If we're to believe Toonami, the issue is more or less money. Nobody wants to pay a lot of money for a broken down title that has a history of failure. Toei Animation isn't in any rush to get One...
  5. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    Suggesting isn't going to do a whole lot of good until Toei decides to lower their prices to somewhere around "cheaper than piss."
  6. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    They could air five 'new' episodes a week for months if FUNimation did edited versions of #1-143 (which really only requires removal of swearing here or there) while working on #196 and up.
  7. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    Is anyone really that surprised? Not every member of this forum cares about the United States' woes with the property, espicially those who this won't even effect. The website needs to be brought to...
  8. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    They would only need to rewrite and re-record the lines deemed too much to be aired, not the entire episode.
  9. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    I'd say dropping the 'f-bomb' signifies that somebody'd upset. What I don't get is how my suggestion doesn't 'help sales'. What audience member is going to sit there, learn that they're watching a...
  10. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    Why are you getting upset over one man's wishing that no edited version of a Japanese children's cartoon exist?

    Hell, if anything the blantant (and hilarious) scrolling banner would only help DVD...
  11. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    Hey, if they air each edited episode with a constantly running banner that says "This is an edited version of a violent children's cartoon show from Japan. This airing exists only as a twenty minute...
  12. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    Other than the fact nobody wants to air it.
  13. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    This I can atest to has happened with my mom.
  14. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    This is, of course, all according to Sean solid proof, yet.
  15. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    It shall be. It's airing on the 4Kids owned block (The CW4Kids).
  16. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    What, streaming and home videos are suddenly 'nothing'? I just spent five hundred bucks on nothing? That's a bit insulting. ;)
  17. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    That would be like selling your soul to the devil after having just stolen it back.
  18. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    Last I checked My Network TV was hurting for ratings, so if they didn't mind airing unedited violent children cartoons from Japan with continuity on their charmingly budget and locally created TV...
  19. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    If One Piece is going to air shouldn't it be somewhere where the show won't have to be chopped to all Hell and back? Of course, the show on [as] won't affect me in anyway, but (and I know I've got to...
  20. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    We're getting those things even without the series being edited or on TV. FUNimation has explicitly stated they're focusing on the series first, however.

    It's not a matter of life an death so I...
  21. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    Aye, I can't say I care. I certainly don't want to see the series edited at all, even with an uncut DVD release...not to mention there's the streaming for those who want to watch it, or the DVDs.
  22. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    Cultures are pretty different across nations. Being that our society (as little as certain vocal sects would have you believe) is a Christian one (heck, the entire Constitution is based off of the...
  23. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    Because, when you're a little older and have kids of your own, you'll realize you don't want them telling you to "fuck off."
  24. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    I think we've established I don't care if there's an uncut version available, I don't want to see the series edited.

    Not that the current nigh-nonexistant marketting has led to the planet...
  25. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    It sure doesn't sound that way in the audio commentaries ("Now, say that line again with this different name exactly the way you did five seconds ago!")

    So would putting all that money into...
  26. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    I personally see no reason for the show to return to CN, or television at all. One Piece has no need for the validation of the pricks who abandoned it at CN, and any other 'kid focused' network will...
  27. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    The first commentary implies otherwise.
  28. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    I like my DVDs to come out quicker with less effort wasted on recording alternate lines for broadcast?

    *Twiddle, twiddle*
  29. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    Things are good the way they are. We've got DVDs coming out the wazoo and we can see the latest episode an hour after it airs for free. And it's subtitled! Naruto fans have to wait an entire week!
  30. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    People shouldn't take this one situation to mean that One Piece might return to TV. As it is, DXD still has a way to go before it's in more house holds.

    Maybe I'm just sour because I don't get...
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