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    Re: died today. :(

    Never heard of it until now. What is it about?
  2. Re: One Piece Live-Adaptation Drama Announced

    Another problem is aging. Luffy and his crews needs to stay at the age they are at right now until the time skip. However your doing a live action a
    and you have people who ages every year so will...
  3. Re: One Piece Live-Adaptation Drama Announced

    Matt Owens is a mature writer so I wonder how he will make One Piece appealing enough for fans and non-fans of all ages to enjoy this series and how will he recapture the success of One Piece on...
  4. Re: "Roronoa Zoro falls into the sea" special chapter drawn by Boichi (Dr. Stone, Ori

    Basically a rehash done by a different artist. No need for me to read it.
  5. View Post

    Never really posted anything there and barely visited it. It was sure a clutter mess over there.
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    Re: Jaiminis Box seized?

    Yep, definitely April's Fools all right and a meteorite just slammed Colorado, "yawn" oh no.
  7. Re: One Piece World Seeker (PS4, Open World(?), 2018)

    Looks okay so far, but they could have done much more and adding different terrain to explore like a desert, volcano, tundra, ice land and much more. Play this game with low expectations but it was ok
  8. Re: One Piece World Seeker (PS4, Open World(?), 2018)

    Not so much personality with that map but I'm pre-ordering the game
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    Re: Child's Play (2019)

    Not gonna see it anyway, considering Don Mancini is still making Chucky series. Killer dolls is just so overdone now.
  10. Re: One Piece World Seeker (PS4, Open World(?), 2018)

    I wonder how big is the map gonna be, is it like with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Assassin's Creed Odyssey?
  11. Re: One Piece World Seeker (PS4, Open World(?), 2018)

    Three months away, going to pre-order this game by the end of next month. Looks good so far.
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    Re: General Kingdom Hearts Thread

    Looks like this game may have less worlds then Kingdom Hearts 2
  13. Sticky: Re: New Shonen Jump Overhaul! - FREE OP simulpub + paid backlog

    The thing is I have to pay to get the membership. Don't have what I need to get it.
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    Re: Chapter 927: The Courtesan's Kamuro

    He ate many many times before, it's not surprising
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    Sticky: Re: Marvel Movies Thread: Excelsior!

    I loved watching Marvel movies, it sucks we won't see Stan Lee make a cameo appearance anymore.
  16. General Rockstar games discussion

    If there was a thread already like this then I apologize, it may now be ancient and cannot bump it up so I decided to create a fresh post.
    Rockstar is releasing Red Dead Redemption 2 which comes...
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    Re: Chapter 919: The Ruins of Oden Castle

    Of course, I'm talking about one student saying something that reminds me of these things.
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    Re: Chapter 919: The Ruins of Oden Castle

    No proof? Oda himself said he planned out Brook while drawing Laboon
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    Re: Chapter 919: The Ruins of Oden Castle

    So we got a Dressrosa bit where everyone loves the Shogun but people outside Flower capital hates the Shogun so if the Shogun is defeated, I could forsee a possible civil war.

    Oh and how they talk...
  20. Re: Chapter 918: Luffytaro Repays the Favor

    That's only due to Brook's devil fruit power that gave him a second chance in life but found his body turned to bones but his devil fruit powers allowed Brook's body to function as if he still has...
  21. Re: Chapter 917: The Treasure Ship of Provisions

    Pretty much sums up just how silly the fanbase are.
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    Sticky: Re: American Politics thread: No Nazis Allowed

    Pretty sad. He's at least one of these sane Republicans who went against Trump's motive
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    Re: Chapter 915: Bakura Town

    I think Oda need to set up a time table here because if this takeover was 20 years ago, then we must look to Momonsuke who is supposed to be 10 years old so how does this fit? Oh and that roof must...
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    Poll: Re: How old are you?

    37, came here when I was 23 but I'm still young, sarcastic, cynical and cocky at times but still a nice guy.
  25. Re: " Shokugeki no Sanji " gets English Release !

    I wonder what the story going to be about?
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    Re: Chapter 908: The Reverie Begins

    I had always suspected that we would see someone who is behind the Five Elders because it's always a trope we found in most stories. Too me I always find it hard that 5 different man controlling the...
  27. Re: One Piece World Seeker (PS4, Open World(?), 2018)

    Well the game seems interesting, maybe I'll buy it
  28. Re: Chapter 904: The Entrance of The Revolutionary Army Commanders

    That's Thalessa Lucas, king of Illusia from the West Blue. Lulusia is in the Paradise side of the Grand Line
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    Re: Ducktales- new series! Woohoo!

    Oh, nice; we'er going to see that here in this series
  30. Re: AVGN, Channel Awful, and other web review shows

    It would be awesome if Doug did left but sad that we probably won't get a new episode this week. Will Doug start his own channel?
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