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  1. Re: New One Piece Movie: RED (6th August 2022) !!

    I don't think its a bad idea. One Piece is popular enough that fans will want to see a new film for the series. Given its Japanese release date that's a suitable time bring it out as we can assume...
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    Re: One Piece Movie 2022 ?!

    I think Stampede was enjoyable enough but there have been better One Piece films previously so its down to the next director and his crew to make something that's not only great on first viewing but...
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    Re: Eiichiro Oda: "The story is in the final phase"

    That would be a good way of concluding the face-off (maybe Luffy bests Kaidō which doesn't take him out but weakens him to the point that he can barely fight back. Luffy's crew show up to reinforce...
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    Re: One Piece Movie 2022 ?!

    Things have moved slower for One Piece during Covid but admittedly the last handful of OP films have been at least 2-3 years apart anyway so this makes sense. I'd rather they take time with the next...
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    Re: Chapter 1,023: Spitting Image

    The last few chapters have reassured me that the arc should be coming to a close around chapter 1050 (given that King and Zorro/Queen and Sanji's fights are underway, Luffy's back on his feet,...
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    Poll: Re: Chapter 1,019: Heliceratops

    I'm glad Oda's focusing on the different fights in the last handful of chapters as we were getting enough glimpses of them but not enough focus until now. Initially I was a bit bummed out that we're...
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    Re: Volume 100 Predictions/Discussion

    I like the art that shows Luffy saluting on a sea of stars. It seems very fitting.

    I imagine vol.100 is going to sell like crazy given its a milestone volume and Shueisha will give it a high push...
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    Re: Chapter 1,014: The Ham

    You summed up how I'm feeling on the whole with the arc atm. I appreciate that it has to happen to show that the crew are being pushed hard and will come back from the brink to secure victory. As it...
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    Re: One Piece Movie 2022 ?!

    Thanks for sharing your own ratings on the previous films. Reading them reminded me that the most well-rated ones are a result of strong stories, memorable settings and great villains. I personally...
  10. Poll: Re: Do you think Wano will end in 2021? Let's vote

    I'm reading the above posts and although I understand I'm not sure some of the elements need to continue for that long (sure blows can be traded in some of the fights before they reach their...
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    Re: Chapter 1,004: Millet Dumplings

    See this is what I like about this situation given we've seen Robin make duplicate bodies in the past. I like the idea of Robin taking on Black Maria, beating her but then Kaidō/Big Mam capturing her...
  12. Re: Eiichiro Oda will take two weeks break due to sadden illness (Resume on Oct 16th)

    Given how many years of rich and well-planned story the has given us so far I'd be more than happy to let Oda treasure a year to recharge his batteries. Better he do that then work himself into the...
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    Re: ONE PIECE 23th Anniversary

    That would be pretty sweet but I don't think One Piece has the worldwide following that Dragonball does (its getting there though).

    I'm up for another film as the last one was pretty decent...
  14. Re: Top-Selling Manga 2020 in Japan (first half 2020)

    Its important to let a series have its moment in the spotlight. If the anime adaptation helped drive sales then it served its purpose. I don't think its bad to show that some of the demons became...
  15. Re: Top-Selling Manga 2020 in Japan (first half 2020)

    I've just finished watching the anime series for Kimetsu no Yaiba and I feel the same as some of the posters above. Interesting main story and relationship, good protagonist/antagonist and very well...
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    It'll be interesting to see what it turns out to be. I like that it has multiple interpretations but it should be something that can unite people (something the world government doesn't seem...
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    Re: New One Piece Movie "Stampede" (August 2019)

    For anyone that'll be in the Central London area on 30/01 you might be able to get to a preview screening at Sony Pictures. Limited tickets will be available from 11:00am on 17/01 (Friday). Check the...
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    Re: New One Piece Movie "Stampede" (August 2019)

    I agree with this wholeheartedly. Although it might only be having a brief run (only one day in most cases) people should get out and support this. If it gets a good level of attendance it might...
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    Re: Volume 95 Predictions/Discussion

    Its an excellent cover and a great way to end 2019. I think volume 100 is just going to miss next year but I'm very much looking forward to that (hopefully it includes some huge revelations in the...
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    Re: New One Piece Movie "Stampede" (August 2019)

    I wanted to watch this at the cinema but unless I went to Edinburgh (next country over) there wasn't a chance to see it this year which is a shame. Good to hear it'll be out on home release in...
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    Re: Volume 91 Predictions/Discussion

    You can tell Oda enjoyed illustrating this one. So much colour, detail and its nice to see the whole crew again (how long has that been?)

    I hope we continue to get some astonishing covers for the...
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    Re: New One Piece Film in 2019

    If Toei shares a date I can coordinate going to Japan with when it comes out. I know some might say why spend any time sat in a cinema whilst on holiday but the opportunity to see the latest One...
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    Re: Chapter 908: The Reverie Begins

    I wonder if Imu-sama is related to anyone in the series? Is the character a figurehead or are they that powerful that even they can order the Gotosei around?

    I'm curious if the current guise we...
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    Re: Volume 88 Predictions/Discussion

    That is one eye-catching cover. I do wonder where Oda gets the energy from to keep drawing this series after two decades of illustrating it already (I imagine continuing to be the most popular...
  25. Re: Chapter 895: Pirate Luffy vs. Sweet Commander Katakuri

    This chapter moved quite quickly. I liked that though as it contributes to the feeling of the fight escalating to a more intense stage. I also like that both characters are still trading blows and...
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    Re: Chapter 860: 10:00 Opening Banquet

    You make valid points but isn't that what's great about the designs of Katakuri, Smoothie and Cracker though? They give off that Mad Max vibe and its great to see Oda taking his influences from far...
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    Re: Chapter 856: Liar

    I enjoyed this chapter. Focused on a one-on-one conversation between Sanji and Luffy, Luffy enjoying the food as Sanji made it, his want to be rescued and save his family. It shows that Sanji can...
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    Re: Chapter 850: Ray of Hope

    Yes the Red Wedding vibe is strong here. With the double-crossing going on, hopefully things escalate to the point of hopelessness and are then brought back from the brink (think fighting at and...
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    Re: Chapter 849 - Bropper in Mirrorland

    I'm thinking that third eye is a sign of a devil fruit power that can either control the minds of others or look directly into their hearts/souls and affect the opponent that way. Pudding has been...
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    Re: One Piece Film Gold (July 2016)

    I'd rather find out when its showing in the UK. As long as its not too far away I'll travel to go see it (the big screen for a One Piece film cannot be beat).

    Let me know if you're selling that...
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