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  1. Re: Funi TV Discussion (Coming Back to USA T.V. on Toonami!)

    LOL Indeed.

    I hope it catches on with adults... and hopefully children who stay up late at night. But mostly adults, cuz that's the demographic adult swim wants.
  2. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    I'd tell you its impossible, but I think you know that already...
  3. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    I'd rather have whole night marathons. Once a month. :P
  4. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    I thought it was okay to say shit on Adult Swim.
  5. Re: One Piece Back on USA TV on Toonami

    I say we make One Piece Trend on Twitter AS well as watching it. That counts as much if not more than ratings.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Sadly, that aint gonna happen. Not after...
  6. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    I had the same idea. But they cant play One Piece too much. Its too expensive. But I would love to be proven wrong, though.
  7. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    I think they should start From Scratch. Like I said, there were many arcs that were skipped.
  8. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    You can still be pissed. If CN had called the shots Toonami would have gone to the trash.

  9. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    I wonder If One Piece could come to Kix in the UK...
  10. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    I dunno. Maybe its because its Toei handling this instead of Funi...Or maybe Im just dumb and making this up as I go. I would bet its the second.
  11. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    I think its because Funimation doesnt get profit from TV Japan airings like they do with the Uncut DVD's...
  12. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    That's awesome!

    But I hope Funi and Toei will keep pushing to get One Piece in English on TV!

    I seriously believe One Piece would do great on Toonami...and Vortexx.
  13. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    I see.

    I hope we do see Funimation's One Piece on TV next year.
  14. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    Seriously Good or Seriously Bad?

    Yes, Vortexx's highest rated programs usually reach 1 million viewers.
  15. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    Kai is not so bad. Its not 4Kids One Piece levels of Bad. And look at the ratings!

    The top programs among total viewers during the Vortexx block were:
    WWE Saturday Morning Slam@10am(1,126,000...
  16. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    How funny you say that when Haim Saban has enough money that he could buy One Piece's TV License at whatever price Toei Desires. I actually think Vortexx has a lot of untapped potential, I would love...
  17. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    But Toonami has Told us they DO love and want One Piece. The only reason it has not joined already is because.

    1-Toonami is still an experiment at this stage, they cant buy too many big titles...
  18. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    It sure doesnt hurt Firecrouch!
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