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  1. Re: Funi TV Discussion (Saturday Night/Sunday Morning 1:00 a.m., USA Toonami)

    When asked if that one ratings dip where One Piece went down to around 700,000 was worrisome on the OPP, didn't Jason Demarco say that around 700,000 was in line with their expectations for the...
  2. Re: Funi TV Discussion (Coming Back to USA T.V. on Toonami!)

    I wasn't even going to watch if they were going to start from the beginning. I just watched the first several seasons on DVD not even a few months ago. But since I only have up to 205 in the DVDs,...
  3. Re: One Piece Back on USA TV on Toonami

    I'm really glad One Piece is back on tv, but I generally don't stay up that late, so I likely won't watch(I have the DVDs anyway). At the very least, I hope this can raise awareness for One Piece in...
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