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    Also What do you of those movies you tried already?
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    English is the original language which explains why there is an english version the first place. Unwarranted compliment I guess.

    It seems an odd choice to make considering the setting, cast and audience. My understandin was always you make the movie in the language your actor are most confortable with unless the setting or audience truly requires a change. You would think they would make it in mandarin for the chinese audience & actors and story then dub it. My fear is how it can be harder to portray the same emotions in a language you are unfamiliar with. Also let me be the SJW that says since it is an chinese brand it should have been in chinese originally.

    I hope the action is great Donnie Yang is in it.
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    Hmm it seems the original is from 2000 and the new one 2016. I'm not sure that's a good sign. It's from two different generation of movie making. and the melancholy really help sell the flotting aspect of the wirefu. A sense of both mastery and restraint. Plus it makes me fear of a let's bank of that popular ip syndrom

    I thry to check those things to adjust my expectation depending on what I watch. It usually let me enjoy different products more fairly. Although it sometimes backfires. I feel like I should wait to watch to put distance between the two but I can't help but want to continue the journey.

    Next I might try raising Dion. Haven't watch Joker yet. I want to watch it at night but having been sleep deprived I haven't had the energy to go watch it yet. More than the movie being good or bad, I appreciate that it made good box office. Between this and deadpool I hope it means we can go back to having truly distinct style of superheroes movies coexisting.
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    Crouching tiger. That movie is hard to track the plot of but damn it has a melancholy that is enveloping. And kinds of keep you guessing never exactly telling you where or why you are here and you have to constantly recontextualize it. Yep I think I do love that movie. Greatly tragic and kind of aethereal which I think those asians are quite good at. If you watch it gives me you thoughts.

    Also seems like the sequel which I never knew about. Netflix sure is a fun place to explore. Weirdly enough this one does have an english dub. I guess that's the point at which they learned it made no sense not doing. I might just watch the Vo for my consistency but yes do a dubbed of the movie you export. Watching VO should be a choice not an obligation. I'm wondering if like the US the sequel is the same movie but bigger. I wouldn't hate it since I like the fights a lot but I'm worried they will diminish on the wirefu to go a more modern style.

    Have you checked out Unreal yet?
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    I will also say that for me Teen titans exist in world where the Justice league doesn't exist and they are the only heroes. Basically we are watching the first generation of superheroics be born. It is what explains a lot of the angst Dick has and push so hard constantly. They have no one else to rely on and he has to make it work. In a sense he is the Batman of this world but that didn't get to wait until he was an adult and was at his peak to fight the fight.
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    It does have my favorite Judas contract arc and a really solid Deathstroke. Some fun retuning characters/villains also.

    Many say that Teen titans didn't have a proper ending. I strongly disagree. first the real teen titans ending is s3(the Raven season). It wraps everything up and is a big as you can get and is as much of a family unit as the titans could ever be since it's the bond they built that let them save Raven. S4&5 are a smart lateral move of let's explore the world(the JLU move) and even this perfectly ends with Terra free and the perfect melancholic touch you need.
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    The structure reminds me of Static Shock(which might explain why you like it so much) but I like static shock more. It's the episodic format with focus on a struggle. It does for great single episode(the gun episode from static as an atmosphere that' perfect for the subject and Cyborg struggle with becoming less human was good)

    It also means some stuff feels out of nowhere.Like that times Dick got beat and decided he needed to go in the mountain to train. Nevertheless there is only one episode I would have prefer not exist and it's the one with the origin story where conviniently they all get together to form the titans. And it's it's not even a bad episode. Just an ok one that I don't like. Unlike Avatar who has one episode I do consider being bad despite it being my favorite show.

    A feeling static avoided by building a lot of founding blocks that I think Teen titans didn't which is why like Static much more(you remember how often I will comment on a episode).
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    I think I like s1 and 2 of Young justice more than Teen titans (which I watched Last summer I think or begenning of the year) but with s3 existing and some rough patch s2 I think Teen titans is much more consistant as whole.
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    i don't know if you would like Crouching tiger since a lot is in the style and aesthetic but definitely check out Kungfu hustle. I love the humor of that movie and you will quickly know if you will like it or not.

    Both being on Netflix I say give it the 15-30 minutes treatment. 15 for Kungfu hustle 30 for crouching tiger.
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    Also I think Crouching tiger is the only title I don't get of those asian movie. No wonder I never knew what movie people were talking about when mentioning it. They are usually much more literral.
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