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    One Piece follows a lot of shonen tropes and formulaic storytelling, but Oda puts so much heart and quirkiness into the execution of his characters and worldbuilding that gives the series a profound identity.
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    I really like My Hero Academia as a huge fan of both western superhero comics and action-adventure shonen manga.Yes, it is like Naruto. Specifically Part 1. But it's an improved version of Naruto Part 1. So I don't see why that is a bad thing at all lol. I had some issues with the most recent arc, but aside from that, I think it has a lot of astounding potential and likes to twist certain shonen tropes on their head.

    If there is a shonen that seems too generic nowadays, I think it's Black Clover. I haven't read too much of it, but what I have seen feels cliche and shallow. Like the author is following a cooking book recipe of shonen manga tropes without putting real passion and creativity into how to execute the formula endearingly. So it feels hollow.

    For some reason, medieval-themed shonen have a habit of disappointing me. Black Clover looks mediocre, neither good nor that bad. Fairy Tail is Fairy Tail lol. And Seven Deadly Sins is a mixed bag of things I like and don't like.
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    I think gradual progress will be enough to get Luffy as strong as an admiral. He stood his ground against Fujitora OK at the end of Dressrosa, after all.
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    Also, I actually agree with everything you just said about the Yonko. But we have to look at two things. The first is their respective advantages and disadvantages in regards to their abilities. If Kaido is going to be both the strongest physical fighter and have some sort of immortality, that's a big problem that is going to be very hard for Shanks to figure out on his own no matter how strong his Haki is.

    Also, we need to keep in mind that this is not just a stalemate between the Yonkos themselves, but their crews as a whole. Even if one Yonko captain is technically stronger than the other, initiating a war where all of their crew members have to fight can result in losses that can be way too risky to allow. Hence the stalemate and how Luffy as an outside player is going to shake things up for the endgame as Blackbeard rises in power.
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    Like... Imagine if Usopp was in this arc. What if Luffy couldn't defeat Mont-d'Or because of the illusions in his Book World, but Usopp could? Or what if Usopp actually found ways to defeat Jabra and Trebol in ways that nobody else could with his sniping/deception/Pop Greens? That is what I love seeing above all else, not the next "Zoro fights the second strongest pirate who is coincidentally a swordsman".
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    Thank you. I'm sorry if I typed up a lot, I tend to put a lot into my posts when discussing criticism.

    If you want my personal thoughts, I loved what happened in this latest chapter. An Oars-style Straw Hat team-up fight to stall for time while Sanji bakes and delivers the cake is exactly what I was expecting to happen in this arc ever since Big Mom's Soul Soul Fruit was revealed, although I thought that Luffy would be involved too instead of fighting a Sweet Commander elsewhere in a pocket dimension lol. Personally, I always find it boring when the Weakling Trio has to always fight against the weakest enemies in a pirate crew. I much prefer more dynamic fights where specific character advantages/weaknesses come into play.
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    It's why we're seeing the battle in this latest chapter. It's why we're going to see every villain's strength only match Enel's El Thor or Moria's island shattering punches even though latter villains should be much stronger, because there isn't a visible way to depict the effects of stronger attacks in the same way Dragon Ball Z characters can't be constantly destroying planets/solar systems/galaxies/universes with their attacks unless it's a rare plot device. It's why the Straw Hats got random as hell power-ups in Enies Lobby. And it's why Luffy is probably going to defeat Kaido with a team-up in Wano Country despite struggling so much against Yonko Commanders in this arc.
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    But here is the thing you should know above all else. When it comes to meticulous power leveling, when characters are in the same general class, Oda is One Piece's author. And Oda likes writing what is fun and cool to him. What is "interesting" in a suspenseful sense. He could care less about exact power level consistency in comparison to writing funny and clever fights on a "common sense" level without thinking of how that fight compares to every other fight in the series.
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    And I hate it when people try to use the Shichibukai as a power level gauge for anything lol. It's so obvious that there is nothing consistent about the strength level there, although Oda obviously underestimated the long-term game of his series which is why he gave Crocodile a nonsensical power up to stay relevant during Impel Down/Marineford. Which makes sense since the World Government is granting immunity to any intimidating pirate crew they take interest in. They aren't actually rivaling each other with constant power struggle stalemates like the Yonko have been, they are the ones who make more sense to put on a general power level class above everybody else barring Devil Fruit weaknesses and team-ups. But even among them, I'm sure that they aren't literally equal in their power resulting in a draw if they ever face off 1v1 style. Especially considering how much Oda has been hyping up Kaido being the World's Strongest Creature and Blackbeard's destiny of killing Shanks one day.
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    But I must heavily stress that power levels only GENERALLY matter. The problem that lots of fans seem to have is that they are very meticulous about establishing a clear cut hierarchy between every single character without taking into account the unique advantages and disadvantages of each character's unique fighting styles when paired up with each other. For example, Smoothie has a higher bounty than Cracker. Smoothie easily grabbed Nami, and her Sweet Commander status implies that she is way above the pay grade of the Weakling or Middle Trios. However, do you think Luffy would have as difficult a fight with her as he has had with Cracker and Katakuri? While a lot of this boils down to Oda's poor action writing portrayals of female characters and that a male version would look a lot more competent, the answer is ultimately no as I can't see Luffy struggling that much with Smoothie wringing out people's "juices".
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