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  1. I'm not going to entertain a private argument as it's pointless. Your change of attitude and apologies are also pointless to me, as your last post was incredibly offensive and a blast of clear biased rage. So you not only silenced me but slandered me making sure I couldn't rebut those points.

    Unfortunately for you, I can just log off and see the post, which contradicts all of your statements thus far. You lost my respect, not because of your argument, but your desperate last effort attempt to save face.

    It takes two to tango and most non topic discussions were started by you. List them and I'll show you. (Note: I suggest you don't mention the unicorn one or you're going to have further foot in your mouth).
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    Word limit!

    Elaborating on the last line (which was right at the word limit).

    I do not think you make bad points. I think you make good ones. If it was terrible, I'd shrug you off already.
    However, I think your pride is getting in the way of successfully articulating your points... you seemed to be more interested in defending your position than articulating your points.
    That is why, for example, the last post I made in the thread, the last paragraph rebutting your 1) is the only really important part of the post.
    All the rest is really garbage, simply trying to put you back in the same page.

    I apologize if my "assumption" that you were simply dissing the point of the thread is wrong, and looks like completely pissed you off.
    I don't think my assumption were baseless, but I'll respect your words that they were incorrect. I can't read your mind, so I'll take your word for it.

    But let's be honest, that's not at all an important point to be focused on, correct?
  3. Nothing I said has personally attacked you, you're lying to yourself in order to convince yourself a justified view point. I wasn't defending myself, I was defending my point, which I brought back on topic, as I ignored majority of your post, which you brought all back up again.

    Sorry but anyone reading that discussion will see how ridiculous you are acting.
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    Sigh... it's not about "losing" or "winning", man.
    You're obviously not keeping any composure, and constantly resorting to personal attacks.

    I made a criticism about your post, and YOU took that as a personal attack.
    From there on, you completely focused on "defending yourself from a personal attack", instead of discussing thread topic.

    You realize no one in the entire thread really cares about that, right? The thread is about WBC, not about YOU.
    See the bigger picture, dude. I've attempted to put you back in topic, but you neglected to do so.
    Regardless of who's in the right or wrong, what matters to the thread is staying on topic. Obviously, what matters to YOU is clearing your self-viewed honor.

    I don't think you have bad points, and is worth discussing. Leave all the garbage out, and come back when ready to discuss WBC stuff. :)
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