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    It's fine, sugar pie honey bunny. You're one year older than me, if it makes you feel better.
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    Just be the better man and when it devolves into that type of spitting contest, just walk away from it instead of sinking to their level and doing it with them. Next time you wanna bitch at me, PM me. Stop being a drama queen and trying to get attention.
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    Haha, yeah. I'm pretty sure he's just trolling or then is impervious to any kind of rational argumentation. Either way, you'll save your time and your nerves by avoiding getting into a heated conversation with him. He'll pipe down at some point anyway. I already set the mods on the case by reporting the entire debacle.

    A nice rule of thumb regarding who does what is that the red seniors are there just for the show, and are people who generally make good posts and are worth listening to, the blues are the ones handling all the scans and stuff (basically people with Japanese skills), the purple guys are old beans who once upon a time worked on the AP Website that now belongs to history, and everyone yellow, green and black are those who really matter. The yellow section mods are able to edit and remove messages on the sections they supervise, the green mods are the ones doing all the banning, and the black stars, mainly Brennen and Urouge, are the admins who take care of everything.
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    Lol, I'm sorry bro, us seniors don't have the power to thread ban anyone, as much as I wish I sometimes could. The red star is only there to warn people from getting into tiresome, long-winded arguments against us because most of the time they can't win. :P

    Pretty sure we scared him away, tho.
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    I'm pretty sure Big Emperor said it, you should be able to find it in his post history.
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    Hi! I think you're a pretty nice lad so I felt it was needed for me to advise you to be less strict and more casual~ Don't take anything too harsh, chances are, it's just a joke or anything but an insult.

    Just a friendly advice :)
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    Okay, what we should take from this session is, that we shouldn`t be concerned about each other i guess :)
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    Well, you were the only one involved so it was just important what you thought.(for the rest it was funny or not..so who actually cares?)
    Being afraid what other might think of oneself is a lifestyle others might see as important, but afterall we`re on a mangaforum.
    So like i said before, my assumption of you not getting it might not have hit the bullseye, but you can maybe grasp now my concern about you.
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    I try my best in the future (as long as that might be) to satisfy even guys like you who nobody cares about, because i can assume that this sure is hard enough.
    Stealing you the once in a lifetime chance of building yourself a good reputation with my random meme attacks is just wrong and be assured that your PM was not only the right thing to do..NO..it was absolutely necessar and you will see that this will be the turning point for me to be a better forum poster. *if i believe it, i can be somebody*
    So i guess we should shake virtual hands and i hope to see you around here posting stuff that i might even respond to with words, unlike those unpersonal memes.

    PS: About chatting in Skype, iam actually a bit afraid, because you know you hear a lot around here of weird guys^^
    You might send me via PM first a pic of yourself so that i see that you`re a normal guy and not a creepy old geezer that loves to suck my balls, you know.
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    Heavy words from your side, thank god you couldn`t find a meme that rly made me now suffer, because my behaviour definitely would justify that.
    You know as close as it gets to the last day on earth i might be a bit baffled and it`s almost a crime from my side to let it out on you.
    I would suggest you should PM a mod about all this, because you getting butthurt that much wasn`t my intention.
    We all know i-net forums are a cruel place and getting used to it is a thing that could take years and me interrupting you while doing so was just so out of place..embarrassing.
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