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  1. Also, anyone that thinks Luffy needs to be EoS to bust islands is horrendously downplaying. lol.
  2. Actually nah Luffy straight up told Usopp(Ch. 818 pg 8) that sneaking his way to become PK was some pussy shit and he didn't want anything to do with it. lol. Strength is still important to Luffy and he does still want to wipe the floor with the Yonkou in combat. This is still a battle oriented series. It's just that these guys don't understand that there isn't always a sole determining factor in these fights because Oda understands just how unpredictable real fights can be.
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    Yo I have been thinking, would it bother if you luffy didnt become the strongest character but instead became pirate king by overcoming his obstcales through trickery, and coming up with creative solutions? At first i was apart of "luffy will bust islands EOS" but now i am warming up to the idea of luffy just simply achieve his goals the classic OP way of just not beating characters because he is stronger but instead exploiting his opponents weakness. What do you think?
  4. Exactly. Oda knows when to apply powerups and when to have his characters be creative. These things are used sparingly so that when they actually come into the story it's refreshing. The vs fags have been brainwashed by the one-dimensional fights of DBZ and think that if OP doesn't operate the same way then something must be wrong with it. lmao.
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    The salty tears of the power lvl fags recently has been delicious. They are slowing realizing that their power lvl rankings dont mean shit in OP. I am currently re-reading the series and a starting to apperciate more and more how dynamic the fights were you have characters exploiting each others weakness and luffy finding creative solutions to overcome his obstacles. Its breath of fresh from the typical "this villians so powerful that i need a power up in order to beat him". its why i love the katakuri fights so much, its return to form from oda where there is humor and luffy trying find a weakness to beat a powerful opponnet.
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    Whats going on man, What do you think of the latest edition in the YTAC cancer regarding the latest chapter? This chapter really set apart the people with reading comprehension and people with the attention spans of a gold fish. You dont need to have a brain to comprehend on whats happening. Big mom is clearly no damaged from what happened she got pushed from jinbei but it didnt affect her. Oda has clearly stated multiple times that she is in very unique state she has been hungry for 8 hours or longer and is skinny,losing her amazing durability. Adding to the fact that she is not in the right state of mind she can think clearly like she normaly can. This is information that is presented in the chapter and people are still surprised by it.
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