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    Lol yeah you did delete your post, but my mythical mod powers give me insight into such things :D

    Just thought I'd clear it up since you seemed rather strongly opposed to my statement and I never got a chance to explain myself.
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    Hey man,

    Just to clarify, when I said that Law has become popular as a result of his character being expanded, and his panel time being majorly increased, I meant to the extent that he has now even eclipsed the other SH's in official popularity polls.

    I get that Law was always popular, since his introduction on Saboady, but to nowhere near this extent.
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    i wasn't the one to ask for spoils , i was just checking if they were out and was making some jokes that's all , when did i tell you i was offended oO ... + the g5 thing was just me trolling i am still waiting for the real spoilers
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    That's fair enough. He seemed to have spent too much time here anyway.
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    Ok, but it's tiresome how people put most of the blame on him. People knew what he was like. He should have tempered his writing more, but so should have others. It was clear how it was going to end up from the start. When discussing with someone who won't acknowledge I made some sense, I tend to just give up after a while. No harm done.

    And like it or not, a lot of the users responded to him with half-assed arguments. That he couldn't go over it, is his problem.
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    http://s1378.photobucket.com/user/piyayokee/library/Tresure Cruise/Motion?sort=4&page=1

    Most of the character are there except grunt unit cuz I'm too lazy. I miss Original Pearl, Sanji Cooking, Original Apoo, Original Valentine Perona and the new Shirohige pirate due to I don't have those units.
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    It will be in PNG format you don't have to do anything. Or you can access my photobucket. I got most of the unit available in game.
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    Well, I can't remember the exact location. From what I remember it's Library>Cached Data>GNP something
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    ...Y cómo el recreo despues de la intensa clase, os ofrezco ver hoy un vídeo muy ochentero, con todo lo que me gusta de lo que se hacía en aquella época. Rick Astley y su "Never gonna give you up", con el plus de que el vídeo incluye anécdotas del rodaje (en inglés) cómo que una bailarina no se sabia la coreografía o que el bailarín llegó borracho al set. Ah, y no os perdais las gafitas fashion del tio Rick. 20 puntos al que me envíe una foto de él con su aspecto actual...
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    My PM box *can't* be full, I'm a mod. And I just got messages from other people. That's... weird.

    And obviously you responded while I *wasn't* on. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow around the same time. What do ya want for it?
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