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  1. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. In my opinion... Against
  3. Just tell me one thing. Is the new development In favor of him getting it or against ?
  4. The sterlok bet... Seriously blowfish I'm with you about the possibility of Sanji getting the fruit... But I just make the bet cuz I always lose and personally don't want Sanji to have it... Even if Hells memories is stupid.

    And now with the current spoiler things changed a lot
  5. What bet did you lose? O_o
  6. I just want to know, what will happen with them... Will they go to Wano now or will they first start with Law's plan
  7. Lol the feeling is mutual ,but you gotta hand it to Oda for keeping us on our toes.
    Hopefully it will all make sense , would hate to see a clusterfuck ,if it isnt one already haa.

    Kinemon and Momo seem to have interesting stories eh? Prob like some Edo esque Samurai take over on Wano.
  8. I have no damn clue anymore
  9. Dude how do you think everything will go down? Will they ever fight Big Mom or was that just to cause some tension before leaving FI?
  10. There won't be a quatett later on. I think Franky and Jinbe will be colse to each other
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