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  1. Hahaha, don't mind me. I have a proactive imagination so i think i exaggerated. And i totally didn't had exorcism weapons ready to rescue you cause of the guilt....yeah. *Pushes Itako fan aside*
  2. Hi Prismeru! Thank you for worrying about me! I got back from Japan just fine and haven't been around much since I had a lot of work to catch up on after my vacation. Sorry, I didn't see your message since I haven't logged in in a good while...
  3. Hi Shinpanman :3 How did your trip to Japan go? I mean, it's not like i'm worried cause i haven't seen you around the forum and now i can't stop thinking that you went to one of the places of that Haikyo site and now you are being imprisoned by a vengeful Yokai and it's totally my fault cause i recommended the site and i have to go save you in an eventful adventure. Well, maybe i am a little worried of that....
  4. Hahaha, i would also be afraid of going alone. Mainly because i'm so clumsy and i would be like the "stupid tourist" that died there :B Maybe i would go with someone but alone naaaah. I need someone to at least say "Yeah, he fell in that crevice that goes to the mole kingdom".
  5. Hey thanks! Those places seem pretty awesome and I'm actually going to the Nakagin Capsule Tower. Some of them I'd feel a little uncomfortable going to alone though.
  6. Hiya, i think you asked about arquitecture in the Japan Thread? This may not be helpful in that regard (by the way go to Nikko And Himeji Castle) but i think you'll like it. Maybe one day when i'm in Japan i''ll do it. Not this time though :p
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