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  1. lol it's not a problem at all =3
  2. Oh shi- I forgot to vote today...
    well, as it seems Robin went to the next round, no harm done.
  3. Fancy voting for the last female again? It's fine if you don't wish to =3 Just thought i'd try and ask (I miss your campaigns ;-;)
  4. Thanks. Fingers crossed she'll win XD
  5. I laughed at that pic. Well, good luck with the campaigning, I'm leaving for now
  6. Yeah aside from Trash and Marimo's stuff the Croc campaigns have been kinda lacking. And here:
  7. Not happy? Well, I didn't like that one about Robin learning CP9 attacks, the drawings were really morbid (robin looked wierd and unattractive as hell)... Not to my liking.

    But there's no doubt super awesome Robin campaigns.
    Racetrack robin sounds pretty interesting.
  8. Excellent. I heard you weren't happy about the campaigns so sorry about that. I did find a pic of Racetrack Robin tho if you want it XD
  9. Well I sure did! :)
  10. Did you vote for Robin~ Just wondering?
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