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  1. You're too sweet. Thanks a lot!
  2. Happy birthday Swedie!
  3. Thanks, it's not an original idea though, the US users already had one some time ago :)
    And of course it requires everyone's cooperation to really work out. But I'm glad you're in!
  4. Yes, A5 would be best I think. I like your determination for doing this. Much inspiring.
  5. Haha. It's just in Europe to keep the mail costs down. Maybe one day we can go global...
    Hm, I love Moleskine, but hadn't thought of it yet for the Sketchbook. Wouldn't one of theirs be a bit unpractical though?
    I think a book with ringbind would be best, if a lot of people are going to be drawing in it. And I could look for one that's maybe A5 and not A4.
  6. Ooh.
    Yeah I knew there was this kinda thing I think I entered it once.
    In europe you say? Well, if there's someone who's going to show those americans who invented mail it should be us.
    I'm in if the sketchbook is rather small. I don't want some big heavy thing. Maybe a Moleskin?
  7. Hey there, Sonic Youth.
    I don't know if you'd seen the topic already, but I was wondering if you were interested in joining in on the European Traveling Sketchbook?
    You can find the thread here: .
  8. Yeah, it was a good run. Now let's all concentrate on Buggy.
  9. Yeah, it seems AP doesn't know what's good for them.
    Still I had fun making the campaigns and all.
  10. I guess he lost anyway.
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