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  1. You know, I had totally forgot about that, there, as a new year thingy, I added people to my friend-list!
  2. Hey, how's it going ? Weird, I thought I had you on the friend list for quite some time.
  3. Nothing that makes fun of Croc at least ? :(
  4. Sorry dude, I got nothin'
  5. Don't you have anything lying around that can help in the match ?

    I've already run out of images !
  6. Where are you ?
  7. Brownbeard eh? I remember that guy...

    I think I have two threads in the art section without Bleach (one with chopper being the one from the matrix, second one with Luffy being from the movie Wall Street).
  8. Brainstorm.

    You might not remember but a while ago we got spoilers and there was a fake part about Brownbeard beating down Hawkins.

    I wonder, could you make that into a campaign ? Cause I intend to campaign Brownberd this round.

    Ps: You don't have any non Bleach threads in the art section ?
  9. Lol, I'm not harping on you or anything :P
  10. I'll come back some day with a better opinion.
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