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  1. Done, sorry to only anly answer now Had weekend off.
  2. Yo dude, clear your inbox. I have a PM to send to you~
  3. Lol, just call me Dryish. I'm more familiar with that name anyway. :P

    And yeah, thanks for the notice. I closed them both. I've been too occupied with the chapter thread to really check anything else.
  4. Dryish, huh i mean Tora the other two fillier matches are still open, just trying to help.
  5. Alright cool, I remembered something like that, I just wasn't sure if you were Portugese or Brazilian (since we have both here). In that case, expect to see something fairly interesting soon.
  6. I'm from portugal.
  7. It stands for 'In Real Life', as in where do you live~
  8. Sorry i didn't understand the irl part.
  9. Where are you from IRL, little axolotl?
  10. Thanks for the friends request.
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