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  1. Hey i sent you a PM but you didn't respond ^_^;; I have your package all ready to go, I can't seem to find your address (maybe i never got it?) so I can't calculate shipping yet. I've also got tsuru here packed up with them so please PM me! ^o^
  2. just wanted to let you know i got a tsuru from another forum member, so if you want to pay me back for her I can ship her when the other MBHs come in. Just thinkin of ya! ^_~
  3. oh, good news, someone backed out of their MBH slot for WB, so you can have him ^_^ just waiting for someone to claim shank's crew then i'll be ordering a box. will let you know
  4. I see them for a bit cheap on ebay, there are singles on YAJ but i've really been trying not to order too much off YAJ because it hardly seems worth it with the fees and all. I'd rather pay one flat price on ebay...
  5. aww man I wish I'd pre-ordered a set I'd have split it with you for sure but I never saw pre-orders go up ;n; is it still available anywhere?
  6. any idea if anyone is going to split vol 9 (with sengoku, tsuru, garp)? I just wanted Hina, Haruta, Dofla, and possibly oars jr from that set. The price for singles on ebay is insane, and MBHs are too cheap to deal with proxy fees...
  7. OMG no problem about WB! I noticed after I'd already sent the message xDD thank you so much for claiming Sengoku for me T____T *HUGS* and I'll gladly take the admirals, buggy and Law ;u; I'm so happy I didn't have to get a whole set T_T SO HAPPY cause I didn't know WHO to give the other figures to xDD SO HAPPY UGSKLDNGOWENSGKL thank you!! *HUGS*
  8. OK, WB is already spoken for, but I automatically put you down for Sengoku because I know you and Sengoku XD
    So I've got you for Admirals x3, Law & Buggy. Sorry about WB ;A;
  9. OH MAGGIE!! I would LOVE Sengoku ;u;!! Would it be possible to get The three admirals too if nobody claimed them? I'd even take Law and Buggy and Whitebeard *A* I"d pay for them of COARSE! I'm still searching for Sengoku, Tsuru, and Garp from the other set but I'd LOVE to help pitch in for this for these characters. If the others are claimed, I will gladly take Sengoku *u* Thank you SO MUCH for offering ;u;! I'll pay what ever if fair!
  10. I'm splitting a box of MBH vol 10 if I can get people to take each figure. I automatically reserved Sengoku for you, but want to make sure you want him? Also there is a WB in the set. I posted it in the Box Splitting thread, let me know if you want any! <3 mags
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