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  1. Thank you, man !
  2. Congrats on getting the star !
  3. It's the world we live in and I don't say that lightly. Generalization for a perceived or committed crime done by a few and heaped on the many has happened throughout world history to many groups, races, and religions. It's a sad and ignorant thing but I can confidently say it's a 2 sided coin. Where ignorance thrives so does reason and you can see a lot of the latter here on an internet forum and out in the world if you ignore the minor number of loud mouthed idiots.
  4. I am a muslim too and what you said was absolutely right and common sense . It has always baffled me that people start blaming every Muslim in the world for the actions of some muslims .
  5. Thanks,

    I guess I'm a bit bias since I am a Muslim myself but then again that really doesn't matter. What I said wasn't out of favortism or some sense of duty but because I felt it was right to say.
  6. Just here to say that i really really liked your comment about muslims in random news thread .
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