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  1. I mean, with Franky's new haircut, we might as well be heading to Jerusalem after Dressrosa lol
  2. Every time I see your avatar out o the corner of my eye I think Franky is wearing a menorah on his head lol
  3. Alright, we'll see how it goes. See you around.
  4. But if you have those types of cool info dumps like you did before, by all means dump away! Syria has been hard to follow, unlike Libya with it's clear cut geographical progression Syria is rupturing all over the place in all sorts of ways.
  5. Its fine as is, when things start heating up so will the thread I guess.
  6. Oi!! What's up? I haven't been here in a while.

    By the way, what do you think about the revolution thread till now? The new thread is going slow but that's because it feels like not a lot of development is happening right now (in Syria), other than the usual killing and the confrontations between the FSA and the Syrian army. Do you think we should keep it like that? Or should we try to change things up a bit?
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