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  1. Yup, you're right.
    However the smaller the group is, the better it'll be if they're trying to infiltrate the Tea Party.
  2. Yep, you got it pegged. Pedro likes Sanji and is extremely stealthy and is badass! I've have TONS of other speculation with research and "evidence" that points to him. My signature summarizes a good chunk of it if you care.

    I think Pedro and Carrot will go to the Tea Party for sure. Also think Wanda and Sicilian will go as well...if there is going to be another colorspread soon I think they will be on that one. Those are the 4 most prominent Minkmen after the kings and Pekoms. They all fit the Tea Party.
  3. Yup, it really is.

    So do you also think that Pedro will be part of the team that will go rescue Sanji ?
    I remember him saying "Hey ! Sanji is a good guy", so he respects him. Plus, his ability to hide his presence could be very very helpful.

    And he looks freaking badass on the color spread.
  4. I'm honored.
    That color spread is noice.
  5. I immediately thought of you when I saw this color spread !
  6. I appreciate it! I've done my "research" on Pedro's potential. Time will tell if his "candidacy" will be revoked by the One Piece fan masses.
  7. Your attachment to the "Pedro nakama" theory is remarkable haha.
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