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  1. I am incredious, usually it's 50. That makes me thing this site problem is a more hardware problem than I thought.
  2. Well more like his inbox suddenly is limited to 5 PMs for some reason.

    And you sound a bit incredulous : P
  3. now a PM storage issue too?
  4. Yeah, that plus he suddenly can only store 5 PMs at a time.

    And no it's not :P
  5. I can't help but thinking this is some grand plan to get me on Skype. But korobka is probably telling the truth, he's a honest one. XD
  6. Hmmm what ? XD
  7. Hmmm.....................
  8. Well possibly. Some definitely.

    Also I have no idea. I asked taboo and she said she'll look into it.
  9. I see....thanks for the update. (why is the server so laggy for him only?)

    Interesting. I assume we'll reach most of them instory?
  10. Oh and Dan still has problems logging in due to server lag so he said he can't get in touch with you in another way except Skype.

    Also did some updates to the RP world, so this is now the political map of Britain, in-game

    Yes each of those is a country, based on an actual historical country.

    And Wales on it's own is a federation of three countries so I could have easily made there be 13 instead of 11 XD
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