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  1. Other stuff ?

    What other stuff doest thou speak of ?

    (Genuinely have no idea :O)
  2. Yeah, it was. Apparently you have to pay for other stuff, though.
  3. Thanks. Sent you a contact request cause of all the dots in my Skype name making it easy to misspell the it XD

    Also seeing how you just sent me your account name, I assume you managed to download it then. It's always been for free as far as I know O_O
  4. Aw, don't be like that. The test in particular was on a lot of my least favorite things about chemistry. I got lucky. XD

    Also.....I refuse to download Skype if it's not free.
  5. I understand. I don't want to pester you, that's just his message.

    Also congrats on that chemistry test. I can just tell I'd have bombed that one so badly it'd be visible from orbit.
  6. .......I can't make any promises, but I'll see if I'm not tired when I get home from school.
  7. Hey.

    Dan told me to write to you that if you " could make a Skype account today, he'd very much appreciate it."
  8. True.

    So how are you doing ?

    Also what's your thoughts on the newest chapter ?
  9. how the site is functioning for him. It's more involved than I thought.
  10. That's what he said anyway.

    What "problem" are you reffering to btw ? You worded it as though you considered something a problem even before I brought this up.
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