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  1. Drinking is boring, I've never been a big drinker, I'll have one or two if catching up with an old friend but nothing to crazy mostly because I hate...HATE hangovers. So I respect people and like people whom like me aren't to bothered by the booze.

    What did you think of this weeks chapter? I'm very excited about the conclusion of this arc...I have always hated Doffy (for no real reason, think its just his appearance and attitude) and will look forward to Luffy kicking his bum bum.
  2. I've never really been a big drinker. Too much of a financial drain. In any case, my student days are some time behind me. I'm 26 myself.

    Why is it so bad? Because we have developed a system that favours landlord rights over tenants' rights. Have a read of this and you'll realise just how broken and corrupt it's all become:

    As for my job, yeah, I was lucky, but then it also pays to maintain a lot of connections just in case. The previous job I held was also one I heard about through a friend, although I still had to pass a test before I got it, and then work hard to keep it. As for the coding...well, give it a go. I find I learn more by trying and getting it wrong than by not trying and just reading.
  3. I'm not a big drinker as I'm 27 and those days are way behind me, I am at the age were I want to get my shit together, get a good career, get a good life and all that usual crap.

    Houses/rent in London is just absurd, why is it so bad besides the obvious reasons?

    I was just on holiday in Beijing and its a lot worse than London for rent, plus their employment system is messed up, you only get 1 day a week off, 2 if you are lucky and if you book holidays you don't get paid for them at all.

    Looks like it was all about what you knew and whom you know when it comes to your job, kudos, wish I knew more people in the industry who could help me get a start. Might start trying to code my own stuff soon, just need to get the confidence levels up but yet its so hard when I have studying to do.
  4. I've been to Dublin twice, albeit very briefly. It's a nice city, a quieter capital than London or Berlin, but I have to say I'm not really into drinking culture so I didn't get much of it that way.

    Outskirts of London aren't much better than the inner suburbs in terms of cost. There are still richer and poorer areas, but there's still a rough minimum of 400/month you'd be extremely lucky to find, let alone go below. Were I to move elsewhere, it'd have to be way outside the South East of England.
  5. Well, I'd already taught myself the basics enough to make a small web app that checks for London Underground stations that don't share any letters of whatever you type into the input field (I know that sounds really odd, but I needed an idea, and I was inspired by the 'tube fact' that St John's Wood is the only Underground station not to contain any letters of the word 'mackerel'). So it's not like I was starting from scratch. Even so, I had a friend within the company who had faith in my skills, and I apparently exceeded their expectations so I was kept on longer than the initial trial period. But yeah...outside of that, I'm not sure I'll get much.
  6. Weird most computing/coding jobs I have come across require some ind of back ground experience, hell most jobs do. How'd you get so lucky to get a learn on the go job? I self taught myself guitar and bought a few coding books last summer and taught myself a bit about java etc before starting my degree, it feels like such a good productive way to spend your time.

    Belfast is fun, you should definitely visit if you ever get the chance or Dublin its even better.

    I'd love to work from home, thats the dream. It would probably be better for you to get the outskirts of London then don't you think?

    Yeah thats totally fine, if you ever feel like you know me enough or whatever add away.
  7. Ah, fair enough! I'm working in coding but I'm self-taught basically starting from last new years when I lost my publishing job. Learning on the job is a fun way to get to grips with things, even if it can be quite stressful when you have no idea why something isn't working...or that weird thing where something works when you think it shouldn't.

    Yeah, and London's getting worse with constant rent hikes. I'm not sure I can even stay here, to be honest. Especially if I get jobs working from home, then it might just be a whole lot wiser to move somewhere cheaper. I don't really have any experience with Northern Ireland, so I don't really know what it's like there.

    I'll wait to get to know you a little better before I add you. You can probably find my profile fairly easily though.
  8. I work for HMV, and study a degree in computing & IT, software development which is pretty much coding, programming etc but I'm only onto my 2nd/3rd modules which I am doing back to back starting October 5th so I'll be a busy bee, working full time then studying nearly full time in the evening, it will be worth it in the end.....I hope.

    London is damn expensive, One friend is a teacher there, one is a nurse, one is a bwe developer and the other is a programming admin and they complain about London prices ALLLL of the time, I'd probably do the same. Belfast is cheapish though and not so bad to live in besides when chavs decide they want to riot over shit that went down 100 or more years ago.

    If you want to add me on FB go for it, think there is a link to my FB on my profile page. You'll see I'm not as photogenic as some people think. =)
  9. Haha, well, same here. A few forum members have me added on FB too. Lots of shots like this.

    I work as a CakePHP developer and content editor. I've only really started coding in the last year though so I'm still new at that. What about you? And don't necessarily be envious, London is pricey!

    Fingers crossed for your cat's return.
  10. NEVER get seen...well unless you are on my Facebook, plenty of terrible shots on there, I'm too lazy to delete lol.

    What do you work as? Ah you are from London, I love London and have friends whom live there, jealous.

    its very heart wrenching I find myself looking out my back window hoping to see him just sitting on the window ledge looking into get fed and cuddled as he used to do.
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