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  1. Part of the reason why I still really want to write the whole dissertation-esque analysis thingy. Posting that in a thread would elicit a lot of criticism and hate, but at least it would provide a place for serious discussion. :P
  2. Haha. There should really be a thread there for the general discussion of the changes of quality in the manga. Or does such a thing already exist?

    Because there's plenty to talk about :p
  3. This is why I don't post in the normal manga section. XD

    They see my post and the first thing that happens is "Hey, Dryish, you have some criticism, right? Have at it, please."
  4. Thanks :D

    Wait how did this happen ... I swear I wouldn't even have noticed if I hadn't suddenly been congratulated xD
  5. You have now joined the ranks of officially scary people. Grats \o/
  6. Is it because I have a bad habit of acting like I'm older and know more than I do? :P

    Thanks, Nova, my birthday was pretty awesome because of you guys. I'm grateful~
  7. Why I am surprised you're only a year older than me when I already knew it I don't know :p

    Happy brithday Dryish~ Hope you have a great day :D
  8. You can't give me rights? D: Maybe a submarine instead? Someone told me that's a cool birthday present.
    Thank you in any case :)
  9. I can't give you any rights, unfortunately, but how about a Birthday wish?

    Happy Birthday~! I hope you had some fun, at least.
  10. So, basically, what you're saying is that I'm a rare breed and a free bird. Or just really good at recreating things I have registered before. Why thank you. >:3

    Seriously, though. Thanks for sharing that. I don't think I had heard that one before, it's a pretty cool story.
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